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Are You Looking For Quality One Way Backlinks And Free Unique Content?
Article Ranks is blog network where you can submit your sites and receive related unique articles for them, or distribute your own unique articles into the system to get several one-way links to your sites. The network consists of thousands of user-submitted sites that have a wide range of ip and pagerank (PR) diversity, and serves two purposes for you to take advantage of:

  • Submit your own sites and draw on-topic unique content for them.
  • Syndicate your unique articles for quality, one-way backlinks from hundreds of blogs.

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How Does It Help?
As a webmaster, Article Ranks can help improve the authority of your own sites. As you regularly add unique content to your sites, the PR will gradually increase. The higher your sites are in pagerank, the more credits you will get which can then be used to submit your own unique articles that other members can publish on their blogs. You can spin your articles on your own or use the built-in spinner within the system. This will help your links be seen as unique and keep them from getting devalued.

Receive Backlinks.
Upon submitting your spun articles, they will slowly be syndicated into the network for a natural link building appearance that occurs from a variety of ip addresses. You can expect to eventually receive 20-300 backlinks per seed article submitted.

articleranks bannerThere are three ways where you can access Article Rank’s network:

  1. You earn free credits by adding sites with PR into the system.
  2. You can buy credits at $2 each.
  3. You can join for a monthly rate of $39 and get unlimited access to article submissions. Click on the right image now.


It is user friendly.
The ability to include YouTube videos.
Avoid the duplicate content penalty.
Unlimited spinning of your links.
You can build a huge amount of backlinks with each article.
You can build links to any kind of landing page you want.

Can I Get Free Credits?
Free members must earn credits, and you can get free credits by adding sites with pagerank into the system. If you don’t have any high PR sites you can purchase credits individually or join for a monthly fee and get to add unlimited sites and articles for syndication into the system.

Is It Worth It?
We use Article Ranks as a way to boost the PR of our sites and to diversify our link building portfolio. For the price it is well worth it. If you are looking for a way to receive fresh content for your blog, and syndicate your content to get one-way links from sites with varying PR, you should give Article Ranks a try. After all you can try Article Ranks for free, and once you start to see how well it works you can upgrade your account to take even further advantage of the system.

What Does ArticleRanks Cost?
As a starter monthly member you get to submit an unlimited amount of articles to the system for only a small fee – at $39.99, plus you get extra distribution method, meaning better rankings and more traffic. Click here to visit the ArticleRanks site.

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ArticleRanks Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s an ArticleRanks tutorial video on how it all works.

Ready To Get Started?
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