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What’s It For? Fully Automated Rank Tracking System

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Do You Need A Fully Automated Rank Tracking System?
If you’re seeking a simple solution to cheaply and accurately track the rankings of your keywords for your sites, you can’t go wrong with Authority Labs. Whether you have one site and a handful of keywords or hundreds of sites with a million keywords to track, Authority Labs has the architecture and affordability to provide the solution that suits you. The system is as easy as just entering your domains and keywords and it will take care of the rest.

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Most Accurate Tracking.
Authority Labs strives to provide you with the most accurate rank tracking available. They track your keywords on a daily basis, and when checking the rankings of your keywords they use the necessary precautions to look like a first-time visitor to the search engines. They can even specify the locale from where the search is initiated if you are tracking local rankings, whether it is for U.S. or international tracking.

Create Your Own Custom Reports.
At a glance you can see the average rank in Google and Bing for all your keywords for the current day, as well as the corresponding change from the previous day and a graph depicting the thirty day trend for your keywords. You can select keywords and drill down to view more detailed data and charts for more comprehensive analysis, including keyword comparison graphs. The data can be exported in csv format for various time ranges (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly) to allow you to create your own custom reports.

authoritylabs bannerExtensive Support.
The level of support that Authority Labs provides is another aspect that sets them apart from most of their competitors. They have an extensive, well organized knowledge base as well as the ability to set up scheduled phone support if necessary. If you doing SEO work with partners, clients, freelancers or employees, the system supports extra users for your account free of charge.

White Label Your Tracking Solution For Clients.
If you are doing SEO for clients, Authority Labs allows you to set up a white label version of their system branded with your company. It can even be run from your own URL so when clients or employees access the tracking solution it will appear your system. Since it delivers in results and appearance clients will certainly be impressed when they think it is yours.


Extremely easy to use.
Clean and simple interface.
Graphical charting features that provide rank tracking over time at a glance.
Flexible pricing structure to meet anyone’s needs.


White label system not available for lower-tiered plans.

Should I Go With Authority Labs As My Tracking Solution Of Choice?
If you are in need of a tracking solution for your sites and keywords, it is pretty much a no-brainer to give Authority Labs a try. You can select the plan of your choice and the first month is on them. You’ll be able to see for yourself both the quality of service and accuracy of data before having to spend a penny.

authoritylabs bannerWhat Is The Cost of Authority Labs?
Another thing that Authority Labs got right is how they set up their pricing structure. First of all, they offer a free thirty day test trial that’s not limited in any way. Whether you choose the minimal or full-blown option, you have a whole month to track your keywords. You don’t even need a credit card to get started with the trial which is pretty much unheard of – that’s how confident Authority Labs is in their system.

Once you do become a member, Authority Labs has several different options ranging from $24/month to $450/month. The high end plan is completely unlimited (track as many keywords and domains as you want) and is usually selected by professional companies that handle several clients. The minimum plan lets you track 10 domains and 100 keywords, and you can upgrade from there as you start to outgrow your plan to either the $49/month plan (25 domains and 250 keywords) or the $99/month plan (50 domains and 1000 keywords). You can also interchange between plans whenever you want. As you can see, Authority Labs is very affordable and flexible with their pricing and makes it very easy for their customers to choose the level of service that matches their needs. Click here to visit the Authority Labs site.

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AuthorityLabs Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s an AuthorityLabs tutorial video on how it all works.

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