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aweber logo Name: AWeber
What’s It For? Email autoresponding & list management

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aweber bannerAre You Looking For A High-Performing And Reliable Email Marketing Solution?
I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the money is in the list”, and you have mostly likely also heard many gurus proclaim “email marketing is dead”. Well, I can assure you email marketing is alive and well, and the major autoresponder companies would concur as business continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The next time you browse the web just note how many squeeze pages and email opt-in boxes you see.

The major mistake most new online marketers make is they shy away from building lists. Listbuilding helps “proof” your business because you’ll always have a traffic source to tap into regardless if paid advertising prices spike or the search engine algorithms change for the worse. Listbuilding also gives you a chance to build a relationship with your subscribers and market multiple products to them over time.

What Is AWeber?
Aweber is an autoresponder service that many businesses and entrepreneurs use to build and manage their email lists. The service allows you to craft newsletters, deliver a sequence of preloaded email messages, custom design your own email templates and opt-in forms, and track the performance of your email campaigns. You can store and manage as many lists across many different niches as you want in one account, which helps make managing them a piece of cake instead of a nightmare.

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What Can It Do?
With Aweber you can load a few, or even hundreds, of email messages into the autoresponder to be delivered in a timeframe that you control. You can easily add, delete and rearrange the messages as you see fit. And if you have something urgent you need to tell your list right away, you can do so with a broadcast message and your subscribers will instantly get your message. The other advantages with this service are that Aweber:


Provides dozens of email and signup form templates so you can craft beautiful messages and squeeze pages
Tracks delivery, open rates and click-thru rates
Provides spam analysis to prevent your messages from being marked as spam
Delivers quality customer support and training


One con that Aweber has is you can’t import leads from other programs into your list without having the leads re-confirm their subscription. So if you purchase leads from somewhere else or invest in a website that has subscribers in a different autoresponder service, you will either have to purchase that service as well or risk losing a bunch of subscribers.

How Does It Compare?
However, what separates Aweber from most other autoresponder services is its expert customer support and training. You can join their newsletter and receive weekly tips on listbuilding, optimizing your campaigns and integrating the service with various 3rd party apps and social networking sites. They provide plenty of advanced email marketing training such as list segmentation on their website as well.

How Much Does It Cost?
Aweber has tiered pricing and a $1 trial which makes it perfect for the new marketer. After the trial you can start out paying a low monthly price (less than $20), then once you start growing your lists and your business becomes more profitable, you can upgrade to a higher level and have the ability to add more and more subscribers. We use Aweber regularly in our email marketing campaigns as it is an ideal platform to build and maintain relationships with our prospects and customers. Click here to visit the Aweber site.

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Aweber Video Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a an AWeber tutorial video on how it all works.

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

Ready To Get Started?
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3 Responses to AWeber Review

  1. I have been an AWeber customer for over 9 years and it’s the only autoresponder I use and recommend to my clients. Their system is easy to set up, powerful enough to manage my large opt-in lists, and mail sent through them has the highest delivery rate of any competitor we have tested. Follow-up is the key to long term revenue and without AWeber, we’d lose a LOT of money!

    Jonathan Mizel

  2. Today I sent out my first newsletter using AWeber and the results were outstanding. I used the click-tracking feature to see how many people went to the links I provided and was not disappointed.

    This may sound crazy, but I really think the best feature was the unsubscribe emails I received. Those people who decided to unsubscribe were asked why by your software and I got to see the actual reasons. That feature alone will help me build a better newsletter product over time.

    AWeber rules the email delivery world in my book!

    Tim Carter

  3. I had to drop you a note to express how excited I am about the results I’m having using AWeber!

    I tell my students all the time that the number one tool they need to succeed on the Internet is a good autoresponder and email management service. Next, I send them to AWeber. It’s more important than having a website!

    For example, it took me 2 minutes to add a simple subscription box to one of my sites yesterday using the web form tool they provide. Within minutes my subscription rate jumped significantly and hasn’t gone back down since!

    A couple months ago I also used the simple data collection tools they provide to begin gathering some additional info from my buying customers on a different site. I’ve now created a multi-thousand dollar per month automated income stream from that simple data collection effort.

    I love the tools they provide and they all work fantastically. I tell everyone that asks to use AWeber

    Loyal customer,

    Jim Cockrum
    Internet and eBay Entrepreneur and Teacher

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