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Bonus #1. The video recording from my 60 minute “Outsourcing in the real world” presentation given at Ed Dale’s Challenge conference in Melbourne, Australia. This is perhaps one of the most important presentations I have given and now I’d like to share my biggest break through with you (valued @ $97).

Ed Dale & Dave Jenyns

Bonus #2. The video recordings from my “Buy, Build, Sell Websites” presentation given at James Schramko’s Fast Web Formula 2 event in Sydney. Attendees paid over $2000 to be at this conference and I want you to be one of the few to discover what I consider to be the “next big thing” (valued @ $97).

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Bonus #3. My personal collection of 30 mp3 interviews with some of the biggest names in the internet marketing industry. In these interviews you’ll find over 30 hours of high quality, zero pitch, solid content. Listen in as a I get gurus like Rich Schefren, Ed Dale, Ken Evoy, Yaro Starak, James Schramko, John Carlton and more to share their biggest secrets.

Dave in Fox FM studios.

And in addition to the bonuses above I have a few surprise ones too…

Why am I offering these bonuses?

That fact is, like you, I’m looking to grow my business online and I’d like to work with those who are action takers. You’d probably agree, there are just soo many people who are going to do something “one day” and, sadly for them, one day never comes.

I figure, if I can help you out, there might come a time down the track when we might work together. I thought why not get in early and show you my stuff so when that time comes we already know each other. Sound fair enough?

Here’s how to claim your “big bonus package”.

FIRST, purchase any product or service listed on this website.

SECOND, visit my support center and submit a new ticket with a copy of your purchase receipt.

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I’ll watch out for your email and and hope to hear from you soon.

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