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Important Update!: We no longer recommend BMR.

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Are You Looking For An Automated Linkbuilding Solution?
Build My Rank (BMR) is a link building service that provides high quality one-way backlinks to your sites. The way the system works is you write unique posts with your links in them and submit it into their system. Then BMR will take your content, syndicate it to a site in their private blog network and build links to your post, which helps with indexing and getting your links a little extra link juice.  An illustration below describes the link building process.

build my rank link building process

How Build My Rank Works.
You write a post, either a snippet of text or an article, that must be unique as no duplicate content is allowed. Each post be at least 150 words, and for each 150 words you can include one link to your site using the anchor text of your choice. So if your article is 600 words, you can include four links to multiple sites using different anchor text. BMR will then take that article or post and do the following to create decent link juice back to your site:

  • Place it on one of their low to medium PR blogs
  • Create an rss feed from the post and submit it to rss directories
  • Bookmark your post on several bookmarking and web 2.0 sites
  • Monitor your post to ensure it gets indexed by Google (so your backlinks get credited)

High Quality Network For Great One-Way Links.
BMR’s network consists of a private network of aged domains with PR ranging from 1 to 6. Typically you’ll find the average placement of your posts to be PR3 blogs. They are constantly adding aged domains to the network to keep it fresh and expanding. The interface is easy to work with, and BMR does monitor the quality of the content that is submitted to them. This is a good thing because it helps keep out junk content and maintain the quality of their network. But keep this in mind if you are not a native english speaker – the posts will have to be grammatically sound so you may have to outsource the posts to get them approved if necessary.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the actual URLs where your articles are placed, which is understandable to protect the integrity of BMR’s network, but if you monitor your backlinks through Majestic or Backlink Watch you should be able to discover a few of the sources.

build my rank banner

Growing network of sites with age and PR
Provides potent linkjuice that has proven to help get rankings for many users
Tiered pricing system to suit marketers of all levels
Strict monitoring to maintain quality and integrity of network


No partially spun articles allowed in system

build my rank banner

Is It Worth It?
We recommend you try this service and monitor your rankings as you should see your sites get a good boost. We use BMR as part of our linkbuilding strategy, as we have found through testing that this service does yield positive results for us and certainly helps our sites get better positioned in the search engines.

How Much Does It Cost?
BMR works on a tiered pricing structure, which helps the entry cost compared to other similar services. They do have a free trial available so you can sign up for their service and get 10 free links, and if you do decide to stick with it you can promote five sites for $59 per month. You do have the option of paying $2.50 per 150 word snippet, so this system can be a totally hands-off, 100% automated linkbuilding solution for you. Click here to visit the Build My Rank site.


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Build My Rank Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Build My Rank tutorial video on how it all works.

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