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What’s It For? Article Spinner

Important Update!: We no longer recommend Content Boss.

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contentboss bannerAre You An Online Marketer Looking For A Low Cost Solution To Creating Unique, Readable Articles?
As they say in the internet marketing circle – content is king, but unless you’re an expert in a particular subject, creating your own content is either a tedious or expensive process. Article spinners can help somewhat, but it’s still hard to create perfectly legible articles with them, even The Best Spinner which is the consensus #1 spinner on the market. However there is another option, and that is Content Boss, which is a type of article spinner that they refer to as “content wrangling”.

How Content Boss Works?
You just simply select the article that you want to spin and submit it into an appropriate form. The system will then automatically rewrite the text. How it does so remains a closely guarded secret (to protect the integrity of the software), but the programmers are English graduates with over 2 decades of programming experience. The result is that you can input a single quality article and have a batch of similar but unique articles that won’t be flagged by Google as duplicate content.

contentboss plrWhy Content Boss Is Beneficial?
The most important feature of Content Boss is its amazing ability to spin text that is grammatically correct. This is all done using software that doesn’t require the curly braces and other codes that all other spinners require. You can even submit a straight PLR article, and the software will spin it nicely for you. With a lot of quality unique content that reads well and the search engines love, your website rankings will soar without turning off your visitors with spun gibberish content. If visitors quickly leave your site due to poor quality content, it will increase your bounce rate and negatively affect your search engine positions.

You will also be able to create unique articles that are great for article directories and other types of SEO content (used for linking). You can use this content for blog networks like Build My Rank and Unique Article Wizard. Many article directories and blog networks have stringent requirements now, due to the fact that many marketers have uses bad quality spinners. Google has finally caught on to low quality and duplicate content with its Panda update, and all the link farms and content farms of junk were majorly impacted in a bad way.


Simple to use.
No need for complex spintax formatting.
Spin up to 1000 words at a time.
Works great with PLR articles.


Can’t generate a multitude of articles that “nested” spinning allows you to generate.

What Does Content Boss Cost?
Content Boss is priced at a great competitive rate of $30 per month. The monthly fee may turn some marketers off since other spinners are either a flat rate or annual charge, but if you spin content regularly this a small price to pay for the return that all this extra content will give you. This also ensures the software is maintained and improved on a regular basis, unlike programs that are supported by a once-off fee.

Is Content Boss Worth It?
We have seen great results with Content Boss, especially for higher quality article directories and blog network submission sites. We’re able to get great links with the content it generates and it certainly helps with our SEO efforts. This is evidenced by how our sites routinely make it to the top of the search engines. So if you looking for a cost-effective way to generate a lot of unique content for your sites and as SEO bait, give Content Boss a try today and you’ll see that it is worth every penny. Click here to visit the Content Boss site.

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ContentBoss Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a ContentBoss tutorial video on how it all works.

Ready To Get Started?
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4 Responses to ContentBoss Review

  1. This is an awesome program

    I have been using Content Boss for quite a while now. I am very happy with it and even happier with the results it always gives me. Everything is so easy to use. What I also like is the fact that they also have articles premade in their system. All I have to do is enter in certain words and hit “click”. There are articles that I have actually used and then spun more from those. It is such an amazing tool to have and to use. Out of the whole time I’ve been using Content Boss, I have only had one article that I chose not to use because of content quality.

    I would highly recommend Content Boss for everyone. I am not sure where you can find a better program for this type of thing anywhere on the net. It is absolutely amazing and the cost is very affordable considering the results that you get. What’s making it even more worth the price is that because of the articles I use from here, I have generated more income which covers the cost of this site. It is just an amazing product.

  2. Top quality rewrites

    I registered to Content Boss because I was tired of transcribing various of articles myself, so I decided that automatic rewriting software will save a lot of my time and therefore I will be able to publish more content. I used this service for a few months, and I can say that it was a good decision. Firstly articles had almost no grammatical errors, so the texts were easy understandable. Secondly, I had never got any problems with rewriting speed – even with the longest articles, I got a quick results. Finally, this service never caused me problems with “copy protection” because it was always making quite unique articles. In conclusion, I would like to recommend Content Boss for everyone, who is working with articles and want to save time because these tools work just great.

  3. Easy To Use And Actually Works

    Being a web content writer, I’ve had a previous stint whose boss required me to use his Content Boss software from time to time so I can testify that this is one of the better content spinning products out there. Although the the official review pointed out that the spun content still needs tweaking, it IS very minor tweaking when compared to other software designed for the same purpose. Of course it still needs human intervention, after all, these products are not made to work fully automated. So bearing that in mind, I’d still say that Content Boss is great and it works.

    It would be a very good investment for mini-site owners who don’t care to hire web content writers like me, because as mentioned, the editing to be done when content is fed in this software is very minimal, thus it can be done by yourself if you spare a few minutes of your time to the task. Also, I’ve noticed that the results are dependent on what you feed Content Boss. I’ve experimented with several articles, feeding it both high-quality and low quality ones, and the results always come back depending on the quality of the article that it was fed with.

    The Content Assistant I barely used because me and the boss felt like we’d do a better job if we we’re the ones who found the articles to spin rather than leaving it to source from a database. The word count is a very handy feature to have, as we have quotas on how many words an article must contain. All in all, this is one of the best content spinner out there and you would be wise to spend your money in purchasing it.

  4. If Content Boss does not have nested spintax then how can it generate a grammatically correct spun article? Is there still a need to manually correct the spun version? Does it have a “Parts of Speech” functionality that evaluates the context of each word in a sentence before replacing it with a synonym? As you know, most article spinners today do not have this feature and for this reason we’re all getting gibberish spun articles. Good thing Spinchimp has this feature.

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