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What’s It For? Web Submitter Service

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Are You Looking For An Easy Way To Submit Your Site To Thousands Of Web Directories?
To get your sites ranked high in the search engines, we all know that you must build high quality one-way links to your sites.  One of the easiest and sometimes most overlooked ways to do this is to submit your sites to numerous web directories.  You don’t need to write content like you do for article directories, press releases and blog networks – you just need your URL and a short blurb about your site.  These links won’t get your sites ranked for competitive terms by themselves but they are effective at laying the foundation for your linkbuiding campaigns.  The image below explains the Directory Maximizer’s simple and easy to use system.

directory maximizer submission process

How Does It Work?
Directory Maximizer is the most effective web submitter service that automates one-way links up to over a thousand quality web directories.  The links are submitted by hand, so you don’t have to worry about your links getting rejected by the directories, and they keep their inventory updated with fresh, high PR directories.

    The way the service works is this:

  • First you enter your site’s URL, along with a title and brief description
  • Choose the directories you would like to submit to (you can filter sites by pagerank)
  • Choose immediate or scheduled submissions (scheduled is ideal if doing a large quantity)
  • Make a payment for $0.14 per directory
  • Editors will review your site and submission listing for accuracy (helps maintain the integrity of the service)
  • The Directory Maximizer team will manually submit your listing
  • You will receive a report of the work done, and you should see the listings appear over the next 90 days

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Getting your website indexed by the search engines.
Getting permanent one way links for higher search engine rankings.
Targeting specific keywords or phrases.
It would be much more economical and timesaving to make use of a directory submission service. To submit to 800 directories, you would be essentially saving approximately 67 hours of work, besides the hassle of maintaining and constantly updating your list of directories to include newer directories that match your original criteria.


One problem with this method is that it is too tedious and time consuming to submit a large number of listings by hand. You can try using directory submitter software, but often times the software does not have a high success rate because they are not updated. You’re better off using a service that does the submisions for you and guarantees your links are accepted.

Using Directory Maximizer For A New Site.
If you are using this service for a new site, make sure you don’t ping the links.  If they are discovered naturally over time it has more long-term benefit for new sites.  You can always ping them later if the links are still not indexed.  Also, especially if submitting to a lot of directories, you should mix up your titles and descriptions a little bit to make your links look more natural and to help rank for additional keywords.

link building

Directory Maximizer is a vital link in the chain.

Will I Receive A Report Of The Links?
You will receive a report of the links submitted with this service.  Also Directory Maximizer will store your submissions so if you were to place multiple orders later on, it will keep track of previous submissions so you don’t have to worry about duplicates.  There is no minimum order or monthly fee, so if you are on a budget you can submit orders in smaller increments for example 100 links for $14.

Directory Maximizer is always used at the beginning of your linking strategy for each new site you roll out.  The service works well for getting some quick links to your sites and introducing your site to the search engines.  By categorizing your site correctly when submitting these links, the search engines will classify your sites appropriately right from the beginning.

What Does Directory Maximizer Cost?
The cost would vary depending on the size of your order, i.e., the number of directories you wish to have your site submitted to. We charge 14 cents per submission; hence if you wish to submit to 100 directories, it would cost you $14 (one-time). We have a minimum order value of $5 with which one can make up to 35 submissions. Payments can be made via two methods: PayPal or credit card. So, give Directory Maximizer a try today. Click here to visit the Directory Maximizer site.

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Directory Maximizer Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Directory Maximizer tutorial video on how it all works.

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