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domainface bannerDomainface – Automatically Discover, Acquire And Manage High Quality Aged Domains.
Domainface is an online domain management and acquisition service that has a database of over one million aged, deleted, expiring and dropped domain names. The service is updated hourly and features the most comprehensive domain search engine in the industry. You can quickly locate and isolate the domains you are interested in purchasing, and use Domainface’s automatic bid placement to ensure you don’t lose out on the auction to someone else looking to snipe the domain.

Why Are Aged Domains Beneficial?
Well first of all they have more trust with Google and will rank more quickly than new sites. As long as aged domains have not been dormant for a few months, you don’t have to season them like you do with new domains.

If the aged domains you purchase have some pagerank and backlinks pointing to them, you can develop your own private network for SEO which will give you a massive advantage over your competitors, who use standard strategies like getting their links from web 2.0 sites, article directories and blog networks that typically bleed links. So let’s look at how Domainface is the ideal tool to not only find and acquire decent aged domains, but manage them as well.

Acquiring Aged Domains.
The Domainface interface lets you selectively search and filter for domains based on numerous criteria, including: Keywords, Pagerank, Domain age, Alexa rank, Number of backlinks and Price range.

domainface add your domain

Enjoyable Graphical Interface And Market Samurai Integration.
When the results are returned, they are presented in a nice graphical interface. You can sort by different column headers and add the domains you like to your favorites so they won’t get lost. You can click through on some of important metrics for a more detailed analysis. So for example if you are looking at backlinks, you can see the type of backlinks an aged domain has to ensure they are not primarily spam links. Another nice feature is that if you are an avid Market Samurai user, you can integrate your Domainface account details and search for domains from within the Domain Samurai software.

Placing A Bid.
Of course when you find a domain you like, you can place a bid through the Domainface system from the search results. Domainface will even manage the auction for you so you don’t have to babysit your bids. You just input your maximum bid and the system will bid for you up to your max bid in the last few minutes of the auction, a feature that will certainly help you win more quality domains.

domainface bidding

Managing Domains.
You can also use Domainface to manage the portfolio of your domains. In an instant you can see important data like pagerank, backlink counts, and alexa rank for all your domains in one location. You can even monitor the domains of your competitors, which is helpful if you are battling them for search engine positioning.

Is It Worth It?
Domainface is our tool of choice for managing our domains and helping us add high quality aged domains to our arsenal. This service helps us find plenty of good domains, in fact so many that there are more than we can possibly keep up with. If you are looking to add aged domains to your online marketing portfolio or for your SEO network, Domainface will certainly help you quickly find many great aged domains.

What Does It Cost?

For Basic plan, the monthly fee is $19. You’ll get unlimited aged domain searches; daily email notifications; integration with third party software such as Market Samurai, Domain Samurai, Niche Finder and others; full domain data and metrics, including PageRank, backlinks, DMOZ, Whois data and much more. And for Pro plan, the monthly fee is $69 adding Portfolio management and Automated bidding.Click here to visit the Domainface site.

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Domainface Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Domainface tutorial video on how it all works.

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