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What’s It For? Collaborative Website Building

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EditMe – Collaborative Website Building Made Easy.
EditMe is a flexible collaboration tool that focuses on web and wiki development. It incorporates the typical features that most project management tools have like to-do lists, edit tracking and an accessible communication platform, but it makes it simple as pie for non-techies, graphical artists and programmers to all work simultaneously on a website project.

What Does it Do?
EditMe is an online project management and web development program. You can invite users from around the world, control who gets access to what, and have a team of specialists work on certain areas of your website or wiki in a collaborative effort. In a nutshell, EditMe Allows you to:

  • Share document and pages in an easy-to-access interface.
  • Have a team of experts create and edit specialized aspects of web pages.
  • Easily track and revise the work done.
  • Communicate with your team in a variety of accessible formats.

WYSIWYG Web Editor.
EditMe features an impressive WYSIWYG web editor that makes it easy for anyone who is capable of operating a browser to add content to your site. You can choose from dozens of pre-selected templates if need to get your site up and running fast. Users can insert rich media like images, audio and videos with a few clicks of the button. The editor keeps track of changes as well so any mistakes can easily be rectified.

SEO features, navigation structure, sitemaps, and css layout can all be easily incorporated in the browser editor. You can build sites from scratch or import existing sites and allow others to rework them in the EditMe interface.

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If you can write an email, you can create great looking web pages with EditMe

Additional Development Platforms.
EditMe goes beyond its simple web editor. There is no need to export your project to let the hardcore programmers have at it if necessary, you can simply invite them to you as the program supports the following:

  • XML layouts
  • Javascript API’s
  • Javascript Object databases

So if you’d rather have a fancy and complicated design layout, or your site needs to reference external databases or third party applications, EditMe can handle these complex tasks.

Access Control And Security.
With EditMe, you can control which users get access to which documents and webpages. There are different user types, each with their own security settings, so you can assign greater levels of access to supervisors or project managers. You also have the capability to override settings for select projects, so if a certain user will need higher access for one specific area then that can be done.


Robust web-based html editor provides easy editing capabilities.
Concurrent editing – merges edits from multiple users with conflict resolution if necessary.
Safe and secure environment.
Add-on modules for extra functionality .
EditMe is a trusted brand around the world.


You’ll have to train users on how to use the areas they have access to as there is little guidance in the program.

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How Much Does It Cost?
EditMe has no user, set up or cancellation fees. You can sign up for a monthly free trial and choose your plan later.

After the trial there are three options available. The lowest plan is for small teams and groups, and allows for 10 users and up to 500 web pages at $19/month. The next plan is the small business plan and runs just $49 per month. Here you can have 25 users and 1500 web pages. The enterprise solution is $149/month but gives you unlimited amount of users and allows you to create 100,000 web pages. Click here to visit the EditMe site.

Is EditMe Worth It?
The small business plan works fine for us and gives us everything we need to collaborate effectively when we have our sites built. Coders, graphic artist, and content developers each can access the pages they need and seamlessly implement the specified portions of the projects they need to. Without EditMe, the web development process for our business would be more tedious and costly, and I’m sure you would concur once you give EditMe a try.

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Editme Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Editme tutorial video on how it all works.

Ready To Get Started?
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