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Are You Looking For An Online Marketplace To Offer Services?
Fiverr is a unique online marketplace. A place where people provide a variety of cheap services ranging from marketing to technology to entertainment to many others. As the name implies, services are offered for $5. We’ll look at three ways we’re you can exploit Fiverr fiverr bannerto help you earn a decent income:

  • Offering your services.
  • Purchasing cheap services.
  • Flipping services.

Offering Your Services On Fiverr.
If you have any kind of talent or can provide a service that’s in demand, you can start making some decent cash on Fiverr. You can begin by browsing the different sections and see which types of jobs are popular, and which providers get a lot of positive reviews. These will tell you which services are in demand.

Key To Success.
The key to success on Fiverr, as with any freelance site, is to build up positive feedback, so you may have to offer a couple extras to your service at first to get the ball rolling. We’ll look at some easy marketing services you can get started with even if you have little to no experience.

fiverr bannerCan I Make Money As A Writer On Fiverr?
Yes, you can actually make okay money as an article writer on Fiverr, but you have to go about it a certain way. The two key factors are to:

  • Limit your articles to 200-300 word snippets.
  • Only write about subjects where you are fairly knowledgeable.

Since you only make $5 per article, you need to crank out the volume. To do this you need to write short articles about things you already know. This cuts out the research time, so you should be able to bang out articles quickly, ideally in 5 to 10 minutes or 15 minutes tops.

If you write 20 articles on Fiverr, that’s $100 a day for work that should take you around four hours to complete.

Linking Services.
With links, you can either choose to offer a high volume of links and use software like SENuke or Xrumor to blast out links, so you don’t actually have to do any of the work. If you have access to high PR links like a blog commenting service or a private network, these are in high demand and you should have no problem getting business at $5 per link. You’ll have to offer only one or two of them since they will have to be done manually, but this should take you no more than five to ten minutes. This will require an initial spend into software or a linking service but you will quickly be able to recoup your investment.

Webmaster Services.
Another service you can offer is to provide a customized wordpress installation that is optimized for performance and SEO. WordPress has been a very popular CMS with online marketers and is still growing in usage, and there are many non-technical people who don’t know how to set up wordpress properly. So you can offer an installation service for $5.

The thing is, you don’t need to install and configure these plugins and settings individually. You can use a program like Backup Buddy or WP Twin to import an install that is pre-configured with the plugins and settings already done. Along with uploading a theme, you should be done in 5 to 10 minutes.

fiverr sample outsourcing page

Graphic Design Tasks to Outsource to Fiverr Freelancers

Purchasing Cheap Services.
Fiverr is great place to find outsourcing for services you need, including the ones listed above in the Offer Your Services section. If you have sites that make money, you may as well start leveraging your time and scaling your business. Let others do the work so you can spend a lot more time planning and strategizing. When outsourcing on Fiverr make sure the vendors you choose have a decent amount of good feedback.

Graphic design works such as creation of eBook cover; design of website header graphics, design of custom Facebook or Twitter page background. A sample of this page is shown at the right image.

Flipping Fiverr Services.
There are several marketers who don’t think to use Fiverr as an outsource outlet. Many people prefer to stick to the well known freelance sites like Elance and Odesk. What you can do is offer various services on these sites. You can probably charge twice the amount or more than you could charge on Fiverr and still be competitive on these freelance sites.

When you win a job, you outsource it on Fiverr. You’ll have to do some quality control until you find a vendor who is reliable and does decent work, but when you do it’s just a matter of playing the middleman, and you just pocket the difference.


This site offer services absolutely free of cost which means you would be able to earn Money without investing anything.
You are allowed to sell anything out here and there would absolutely be no restrictions implied on you for selling.
The greatest benefit of fiverr is that you would get your money even if you get banned.


Changes can occur to the site along with the rules of the site at any point of time. Therefore you would have to constantly keep a track of the changes.

Why Do We Use Fiverr?
We use Fiverr regularly to outsource tasks, and have found some good vendors who we continue to work with. We even started out by offering our own SEO and marketing services on Fiverr with success. The service is easy to get started – just set up a free account, create your profile and begin by listing a service or two that you are comfortable with and would like to offer. Once you get the hang of handling the jobs you win, you can move to the freelance sites and start flipping services there and rake in extra cash.

What Does It Cost?
In fiverr you can sell any type of products or services for only $5. There is no need of any investment in making money from fiverr. Fiverr pays a service charge when you get paid from a client. Fiverr will charge $1 for each $5 we get. Make $5 over and over again.Click here to visit the Fiverr site.

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Fiverr Sample.
The first part of this clip is an example of a video we’ve had done in Fiverr. Pretty cool, huh?

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