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What’s It For? A Webinar Service Provider

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gotowebinar bannerAre You Looking For The Web’s Leading Webinar Service Provider?
Webinars are becoming an increasingly utilized and effective marketing tool for smart web marketers. They are ideal for lead generation, interacting with prospects and creating high-end products for sale. However it is vital that you use a good service that is reliable, easy to use and as seamless as possible for your prospects to attend.

GoToWebinar is the leading webinar provider available today. They have many useful features for both presenters and attendees, allowing you to:

• Easily set up, promote and prepare your webinars.
• Interact with your attendees in a variety of ways.
• Create quality recordings of your presentations.
• Evaluate your webinars and follow up with your attendees.

“Schedule A Webinar” Feature.
GoToWebinar has an easy-to-use “schedule a webinar” feature where you set up a simple form with a description of your webinar, then promote that form to invite your prospects. Once they sign up they will receive automatic email reminders leading up to the event, which of course increases the attendance rate. Another nice thing about GoToWebinar is that it allows you to prepare and practice your presentation prior to going live. This allows you to test the technology involved and helps ensure your event will go smoothly.

Managing Webinars Made Easy.
GoToWebinar incorporates functionality that helps make managing your webinars easy during the event. You can transfer control of the live desktop between different presenters. You can mass mute attendees, selectively unmute them if they would like to speak, and allow them to “raise their hands” if they want to get the attention of the presenters.

You can also easily conduct polls within the webinar interface. You can ask simple yes/no questions or even conduct multiple choice surveys. GoToWebinar also gives you real-time attendance so you can see how close to capacity you are and how many attendees drop off as the webinar progresses.

Does It Offer A 24/7 support?
You can record and render the webinar into wmv format so those who missed the event can watch the replay. You can analyze the results of your event with GoToWebinar’s webinar history interface, obtaining data such as attendance rate, drop-off rate, and responses to polls and surveys. GoToWebinar offers outstanding ’round the clock 24/7 support including live phone support.

gotowebinar interface


GoToWebinar has a beautiful user interface, which makes it a pleasure to use.
Shown in this image of the interface (right image), allows the presenter to practice his or her webinar before officially beginning.
GoToWebinar is very easy to use for presenters and attendees alike.
Users can purchase a toll-free phone number plan, which lets participants join the web seminar at no additional cost to them. This plan integrates perfectly with GoToWebinar, and the toll-free number appears on invitations sent by the organizers automatically.


It is not possible to turn your webinar into a video conference, as GoToWebinar does not allow for image capture from your webcam. Transmission of images is also not perfect, and it tends to lag. If you are planning an image-heavy web conference (which goes beyond Power Point slides), you might want to consider other webinar tools.
Webinar services offered by Citrix don’t include mobile accessibility and require downloads.

What Does It Cost?
The one drawback to using GoToWebinar is the cost. Although there is an introductory option of just $99 per month, you are limited to 100 users max for each event. If you require more capacity you can go with the $399/month option which increases your attendance to 500 people (or $499/month for 1000 users). If you use the service a lot it is probably worth going with a higher option. If you think you will use it periodically but want the extra attendance, you can share your account with other marketers and split the cost (for example each person gets to use the service 25% of the time or 50% of the time and you share the costs accordingly). Click here to visit the GoToWebinar site.

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What Makes GoToWebinar Separate From The Others?
GoToWebinar is our platform of choice for conducting webinars. We find the service reliable, easy to operate and fun to use with the interaction capabilities we get to incorporate with our attendees. We always get positive and enthusiastic feedback from those who attend our events, thanks in large part to GoToWebinar. Any issues are swiftly handled by their professional support team, and we easily see a hefty ROI from using this service.

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GoToWebinar Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a GoToWebinar tutorial video on how it all works.

Trainingcraft, a technology training company, shares how it relies on GoToWebinar.

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