internet marketing consulting services Name: Internet Marketing Consulting Services
What’s It For? Professional Internet Marketing Consultation For Your Business
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*Please Note: While the following review is of a service that we ourselves provide, we do sincerely believe with our vast experience in a variety of online businesses, you won’t find anyone else who can deliver the kind of expertise that we deliver, even though others typically charge thousands of dollars for their consulting services.

Professional Mentoring Can Bring A Difference To Your Business.

Almost all successful online marketers point to one key thing as the crucial tipping point that allowed them to achieve the level of success they have achieved – mentorship. Having the help of someone who has been there and done that for several years when it comes to online marketing can help you smash roadblocks that are currently in your way that may prevent you from ever reaching the type of success you are striving for.

internet marketing consulting services

Dave is an experienced business mentor.

Melbourne SEO Services has built and consulted on hundreds and hundreds of online businesses, so we have pretty much seen it all. With us by your side, there will be no more struggling to get your business into overdrive. We can instantly spot the areas that need work immediately and give you a strategic action plan to get your business unstuck and unleashed so fast it will surprise you. The recommendations we give you are always based on proven results, not theory, so that’s why we’re so confident they work. Here are the main benefits your online business will receive from using our consulting services:

Expertise from an experienced marketing professional who has personally worked with hundreds of clients over the past few years
Diagnosis of problem areas within your business and how to fix them right away
A clear vision for your business and the exact direction to take to grow it quickly

If you make the mistake of not focusing on the key areas of your business and not applying the right techniques, you’ll find yourself in the same position next year that you are in now. Let Melbourne SEO Services help take your business to the next level today.


Pre-consultation emails and website audit in addition to a live one hour strategy call
Get a step-by step blueprint on action items geared specifically for your business
Focus on the things that matter most in moving your business forward at a rapid pace
Recording of the strategy session so you can digest the information at your leisure whenever you want


As long as you take action on our recommendations, there are no cons as our service is guaranteed 100%

How Much Does it Cost?
Our consulting services is just a one-time investment of $697. You can spend money on various internet marketing products, but will any of them be tailor-made for your specific business? Our service is designed to get YOU and your business the results you have longed for. And as you’ll see from the testimonials we have received, we do deliver. In fact, we’re so confident in the action steps we’ll give you that if you apply them and fail to see a 10-times return on your investment, we’ll have no problem in refunding every penny you paid for our service. But you don’t have to worry about that – the fact is the most of our clients are so pleased with the results they get, that they often come back for more!

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internet marketing consulting services