Name: Kayako
What’s It For? Help Desk, Live Chat And Customer Service Software

Do You Need Software That Can Help You Stay On Top Of Your Clients’ Needs?

Our clients are very important to us. We take time and exert efforts to ensure that our clients are pleased with our services and always properly taken care of – but this can be a challenge when getting hundreds of emails constantly throughout the day!  But we understand there are times when clients need to ask us questions or request further support – and that’s when Kayako proves to be very useful. It’s the one-stop-shop for every possible query our clients could have…and it keeps our inboxes free!

Track All Forms Of Communication Effectively.

Kayako is a help desk software solution that allows me and the rest of my team to manage tickets or support requests, email, calls, and live chats with clients in one centralized location. It has become an integral part of our operations primarily because we like to take care of our clients, especially during those times when they truly need lots of attention.

As a website or business owner, you are most likely aware of the importance of having a customer support centre where you can keep track of all forms of communication. You don’t want one long email trail wherein you cannot even identify which of your team members responded to whichever client, or when one of them was able to find a solution to a client issue. You want to be able to pull up all that information whenever it’s necessary.

Eliminate Customer Service Inconsistencies.

You want to give your clients the impression that everyone on your team is professional, and you don’t want inconsistencies with the image that you project. One thing that I like a lot about Kayako is its knowledge base feature. All we need to do is write down the recurring questions or concerns that come up in our line of business and create a predefined email template to be used in responding to the common issues. Each team member can then access the series of predefined templates and use whichever is applicable in addressing the ticket he’s handling at the moment. The predefined knowledge base allows our team respond in a uniform, professional manner.

Manage Everything In One Spot.

Another reason why Kayako works for us is because we have the benefit of installing it into our own service. We can make it our own, and gain control over the entire help desk process. We can see, manage, and solve issues all in one place. We’ve tried several help desk platforms, and so far Kayako is the only one that meets our expectations.

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Eliminates email clutter.
Provides live chat and visitor engagement.
Improves response times and monitors their quality.
Provides an intuitive help desk that encourages self-help among customers.

Is Kayako The Right Fit For Your Customer Service? 

If you’re looking for good e-support software with an untarnished track record and a roster of satisfied clients, Kayako is the way to go. Kayako has been in the business for 10 years and it has not stopped evolving ever since. We completely trust Kayako.

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