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What’s It For? One-Way Link Building Network

Important Update!: We no longer recommend Linkvana.

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linkvana bannerLinkvana – A High Quality One-Way Linking Service That Has Stood The Test Of Time.
In the SEO game, he or she who gets more quality links to their sites wins, and Linkvana certainly will help you get more of those. Linkvana is the original private network, one-way linking service that has set the bar for many other services trying to mimic them. However Linkvana’s network is unparalleled, and as their sites continue to age and grow in PR, it’s hard for the other services to catch up.

Aged Sites With PR In The Network.
The great thing about Linkvana is that it consists of a network of medium PR blogs (PR 2 to 5) that are nicely aged and has a lot of link juice flowing into them. Some blogs have hundreds or even thousands of external links pointing to them. This translates into a lot of link juice being passed to your sites when you use their system.

How Linkvana Works?
Here’s how Linkvana works:

  • You add your site into the system and choose the most relevant category for it
  • Add in your links (your URLs with the targeted anchor text)
  • Add your posts with your links inserted
  • Linkvana will syndicate it to one of their blogs in the network
  • Set up your posting frequency (schedule your links over time for natural link building)

You can pre-load a bunch of content into the system or outsource it to Linkvana’s English-speaking writers for only $2 per post. Along with its scheduling system, this makes Linkvana one of the most effective set and forget one-way linking systems around.

Easily Manage Unlimited Sites.
Linkvana has a great interface for managing a large number of sites, allowing you to adjust the settings for all your sites from just one location in the dashboard area. Another neat feature of Linkvana is its detailed SEO reporting for your sites. You can see the pagerank, number of pages indexed, number of backlinks to your domain, and also the important internal SEO factors so you can see at a glance where your sites need some attention SEO-wise.


Well established network with aged, high quality sites
Built-in content outsourcing for completely hands-off system
Clean interface and integrated reporting to help manage the link building for a large number of sites
Control your posting frequency to spread your links out over time


Not cheap at $147/month BUT they do allow unlimited domains for this price where other services would only allow around 50 domains for this amount per month.

linkvana bannerIs It Worth It?
If you are just starting out and are looking for an optimal and affordable one-way linking solution, perhaps the less expensive Article Marketing Automation would be the better option, then once you start to see your profits grow you should add Linkvana. I would say the quality of Linkvana’s network is a slightly better than AMA since Linkvana has been around longer and thus has a larger number of high PR sites in their network that have more age to them. If you have the budget, Linkvana is certainly worth it.

How Much Does It Cost?
The main drawback about Linkvana is its cost. It is steep at $147 per month and thus out of range for most newbie marketers. However once your sites are in profit, Linkvana is a great addition to your backlinking arsenal as it can be used on unlimited domains.

When you add Linkvana, as you should with any new linking sources, you should test the service on new sites to monitor how they perform due to that specific linking service. We’re sure your sites will respond positively to Linkvana’s links as our sites did and we continue to use them on all our sites and have had excellent results. Click here to visit the Linkvana site.

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Linkvana Tutorial
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Linkvana tutorial video on how it all works.

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