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What’s It For? All-In-One Business Automation System

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Are You Looking For An All-In-One Business Automation System?
Nanacast is an enterprise business automation system that gives you the power and flexibility to shape and customize your online business the way you want to. It serves as a powerful content delivery system as well as provides a variety of automation tools. Nanacast drastically cuts down the amount of time you need to manage your business and instead allows you to focus on more important things like business growth. With Nanacast, it is easy to:

  • Create a membership site.
  • Create products and fully automate your ecommerce site.
  • Safeguard your download and video links.
  • Manage your affiliates.
  • Implement custom sales funnel solutions – upsells, downsells, oto’s, coupons, etc.
  • Integrate the system with any one of the many professional autoresponder solutions.
  • Integrate with any third party script or platform using Nanacast’s API

Here’s the screenshot of creating a basic membership.

nanacast membership wizard

nanacast bannerWhat Makes It Different From Others?
One factor that differentiates Nanacast from competitive products like 1 Shopping Cart and Rapid Action Profits is that Nanacast is a hosted solution. This makes things easier because there is no installation and no programming involved, and there are many less support issues to deal with. All files and scripts are on Nanacast’s powerful servers, and they are able to take care of any support issues swiftly.

However many marketers like to brand their own membership sites with their own domain, and this is no problem with Nanacast’s cname functionality. This gives you the dual benefit of using Nanacast’s hosted membership site login but with the site appearing on your own domain, so the get the benefit of a fully operating membership site without the headaches of installing scripts and hosting files on your server.

What Do Marketers Like Best About Nanacast?
Perhaps the thing the marketers appreciate the most about Nanacast is that it is “quick to the market”. Meaning if you have new products or multiple products, and want to get an ecommerce and affiliate system in place for them, you can do so in as little as a day with minimal set up time. Most other systems require script installations and set up procedures that take days or weeks to get your products or product launch ready for the market.

Does It Include An Autoresponder?
One thing that Nanacast doesn’t include that you may see in other business solutions is an autoresponder. However we find this to be no problem since we use specialized autoresponder solutions like Aweber and GetResponse that handle email marketing specifically. Actually the Nanacast product developer purposely left this out and instead allowed easy integration with these services because professional autoresponder companies are best equipped to handle email marketing.


Simple To Use – The good thing with this company is that they have helpful Wizard’s that take you through each step. PayPal is the payment system which is great because everybody knows and trust it.
Your Secret Weapon – If you already have an affiliate system the system also tracks the IP’s of affiliates to help stop fraud from people buying through their own links.
Email Integration – They also have some extra rules you can apply to contact lost sales and easy up sell messages to boost initial sales.

What Does It Cost?
Nanacast is an integral part of our business systems automation. We use it to manage our products, membership sites, sales funnels and our affiliates. It allows us to focus on what we do best – marketing – and all the important processes occur seamlessly behind the scenes with minimal cost and effort on our part. Nanacast has two options available that cost only $97/month and $147/month. The options are similar and with both you can manage an unlimited number of products, memberships and affiliates. The second option gives you additional customization and cname for membership sites. They have a monthly trial available so take a free test drive today – you’ll kick yourself for not using an automated solution like this much earlier. Click here to visit the Nanacast site.

nanacast pricing

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Nanacast Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Nanacast tutorial video on how it all works.

Nanacast testimonial by Ed Dale.

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