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needanarticle bannerAre You Looking For A Reliable And Affordable Writing Service To Deliver High Quality Unique Content?
They say content is king, and along with traffic I would agree that good quality content is the key to success for any online business. This is true because you need your content to inform, educate, entertain and convert your traffic into profits.

The Best Way To “Google Proof”.
The Google search engine is placing more of an emphasis on good content. If you have poor quality content or a significant amount of duplicate content on your sites, your rankings will eventually suffer as Google is keen to slap sites like these. The best way to “Google proof” your sites and give yourself a great chance to rank highly is to always have 100% unique high quality content on your sites.

The problem with this is that writing your own content, and especially doing the research for it, is very time consuming. So you are best leveraging the efforts of others and having the content written for you. But again you may run into problems – finding someone reliable at a price you are willing to pay is much harder than it seems. You’ll soon realize you should have just written the articles yourself.

What Makes It A Great Writing Service?
There is a way around this – you can enlist the help of an article writing service such as Need An Article. They provide good quality unique content at more than affordable prices. Here are the main factors that make Need An Article a great writing service:

  • It has a low monthly rate and low prices for content.
  • There is a feedback system so you can rate writers.
  • You can develop a relationship with your favorite writers and request them for your jobs.
  • You’ll receive reliable service with quick turn-around times

Consistency And Communication.
Need An Article does work with you to make sure you are pleased with the writers who handle your jobs. Unlike some other content services, Need An Article tries to maintain consistency in their pool of writers and gives you the ability to communicate with your writers if necessary. If you find someone you are happy with, you can request them for your next jobs as well.

Can I Leave A Feedback In The System?
The feedback for Need An Article has been mostly excellent. Occasionally they may deliver articles that leave a bit to be desired, but you can avoid this by requesting someone who is familiar with the topics of your content. Once you find someone suitable you can stick with them for future jobs. Furthermore, if you encounter a writer who is not up to par, you can leave feedback in the system and the service will replace that writer with someone better.

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Quality Writers.
For a lot of internet marketers, having to pay a monthly fee and then pay for the content as well might not make sense. But think about it, for only $10 a month you have immediate access to good writers who are at your beck and call. If you try the freelance route, you’ll be sure to run into issues of availability and reliability. with Need An Article, these inconveniences are not a factor as they always have quality writers available.

Is It Worth It?
We have been using Need An Article for a couple years now and they consistently deliver great articles. We have also tried to use freelance writers, but finding someone good and reliable for the long term has proven to be a major headache. With Need An Article, we know there is always someone ready on standby to deliver great content for our sites and web properties whenever we need it. If you want great content written for you without the time and hassle of finding your own writers, you should give Need An Article a try.

What Does It Cost?
The way Need An Article is set up is you pay a monthly membership fee of $10 and then have access to high quality writers at competitive prices. A 550 word article will cost only a little over $6, and a 1000 word article runs around $13. You can also purchase smaller blog posts for cheap, which is good for keeping your blog populated with fresh content or using these posts to syndicate content for backlinks. Click here to visit the Need An Article site.

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