Pingback Optimizer Review

pingback optimizer logo Name: Pingback Optimizer
What’s It For? Linkbuilding Automation

Important Update!: We no longer recommend Pingback Optimizer.

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Pingback Optimizer – The Fastest Way To Get Automated Links To Your Blog.
Pingback Optimizer is a wordpress plugin that automates part of your linkbuilding efforts. The part that is automated is a method called pingbacks and trackbacks. These are essentially reciprocal communication protocols that take place electronically – if you see some interesting content on another person’s blog and write a post about it yourself linking to that person’s content, with pingbacks and trackbacks enabled you’ll receive a link back to your site in the comments section of the other person’s blog. If you use WordPress as your platform of choice, you’ll want to look at this tool which can help you get more traffic on autopilot.

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How Pingback Optimizer Functions?
Essentially what Pingback Optimizer does is it collects the URLs for all your trackbacks and pingbacks you get for your blogs and creates an rss feed for them. It will then submit that feed to the major rss directories. This has a two-fold effect – it will help your links get indexed and give them a little more link juice which will trickle its way to your site.

This method for getting links has been around awhile and remains an effective linkbuilding strategy. Using Pingback Optimizer for this strategy is an ideal way to:

  • Track your pingbacks.
  • Make sure they get indexed so the links count.
  • Boost the pingbacks themselves.


Increase the indexing rate of your backlinks.
Makes your pingbacks more powerful.
Auto-submits the pingback feed to the rss directories.
Completely hands off system once set up.


Links are restricted to trackbacks and pingbacks.

pingback optimizer bannerIs Pingback Optimizer Worth It?
Pingback Optimizer is definitely a time-saver. Not only does it collect the pingback URLs and put them in one nice rss feed, it will submit the feed to the popular rss directories as well. To do all this manually can be a tedious process. If you value your time at more than $5 per hour, you’ll find this tool will quickly pay for itself.

We have tested this plugin on our sites and find that it does as advertised. It helps our content and links get indexed quickly which sometimes results in quick rankings for long tail keywords. However further linkbuilding must be supplemented to help these rankings stick. We don’t recommend you use Pingback Optimizer as your sole method of link building, as you should know you need quantity as well as a variety of links to get your sites ranking well permanently in the search engines.

Start getting your backlinks indexed and build links to your links on autopilot. Download today.

How Much For Pingback Optimizer?
If you just want to try the plugin on one domain, it is a one-time fee of $47. An unlimited domain license costs $97. Pingback optimizer does have an ironclad 60 day guarantee, so you have two full months to see the benefits of this plugin. If you don’t like the results you get, you can simply get a refund, but we found it to be money well spent. Click here to visit the Pingback Optimizer site.

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Pingback Optimizer Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Pingback Optimizer tutorial video on how it all works.

Ready To Get Started?
Click below to visit Pingback Optimizer – Go ahead, here’s what you’ll see on the next page:

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4 Responses to Pingback Optimizer Review

  1. I have been waiting for a plugin like Pingback Optimizer for a long time, because this plugin has made the articles and blogs that are linking to my site to be indexed in the serps, and I do heavy article marketing so my site is getting backlinks from blogs all of the world.

    What is the point to promote your site, and get backlinks if the serps like Google don’t see or find the sites that are linking to you, If you are doing any article marketing and if you are doing any link building, be smart about it,

    Get Pingback Optimizer so your backlinks get the credit that your site needs,

    I highly recommend the Pingback Optimizer becasue it gets the job done and the customer service is outstanding.

  2. If you’re running a WordPress blog, and want to boost your backlinks, this is a must-have plug-in.

    Once you’ve configured it, just let Pingback Optimizer loose, and it does the business for you.

    Higher search engine rankings guaranteed.

    I run it on all my blogs.

  3. While reading through my emails I came across Matt’s program Pingback Optimizer. It immediately caught my eye. I emailed Matt more than a few times to ask his advice on the marketing of my friends website with articles and using Pingback Optimizer.

    Matt’s support and prompt replies (even before I had purchased his product)was excellent. I setup a meeting with my friend to discuss our plan of attack.

    In the mean time I read through Matt’s Article Blueprint which detailed Matt’s step by step approach to how he used Articles to promote his business. I thought this small but detailed pdf was great. It was simply laid out and easy to understand.

    I decided that this was the way to go and researched all the programs that Matt recommended. I had the meeting with my friend, (over three hours), discussed Matt’s program and his recommendations along with a suite of others and it was good to go.

    So we will be purchasing Pingback Optimizer to make sure our backlinks get indexed and ‘give more energy’ as Matt puts it to our backlinks. A simple WP plugin to do a difficult job. I would like to thank Matt very much for his patience, advice and answers to all my questions. If you want your backlinks ‘Indexed’ and ‘Energized’ then I recommend that you use Pingback Optimizer to do the job for you.

    All the best

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