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What’s It For? Opt-in And List Builder

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popup domination bannerPopUp Domination 2.0 Review – Explode Your Opt-ins.
In this day and age with how fickle Google is getting, it’s a good idea to start building your list if you haven’t already done so. This gives you have a source of traffic that you can tap into whenever you need to so you don’t have to rely on the search engines as much. PopUp Domination is the perfect tool to help you build your list quickly. The tool allows you to focus on building your list, and you can also capture visitors who don’t buy your product or click on a desired ad with its built-in exit popup functionality. So you can profit on the front end of your marketing campaign while building yourself a long-term, sustainable business.

What Is The Purpose Of This Program?
PopUp Domination 2.0 is an application that let’s you create high quality opt-in boxes that pop up over your site as your web visitors are browsing your site. You can control the look and feel of your opt-in boxes, as well as when and on which pages they trigger. The purpose of this program is to increase the amount of subscribers you get, and based on the results that people are getting with this program, it accomplishes this goal well. Users typically see up to a 400% increase in opt-in rates after applying this tool to their listbuilding campaigns.

What Does PopUp Domination Include?
PopUp Domination uses lightbox technology to display beautifully-designed squeeze pages that convert well. Included in the PopUp Domination package are:

  • Standalone html version and wordpress plugin.
  • 8 professionally designed themes optimized to increase your subscriber rate, complete with PSD files.
  • Email domination bonus system.
popup domination lightbox

A Sample of PopUp Domination Plugin Lightbox

Integration With Autoresponders.
PopUp Domination can easily integrate with your autoresponder of choice and all the major mailing list providers, so it’s a piece of cake to add it to any existing listbuilding promotions you currently have in operation.


Simple to install and set up.
An extremely low cost way to increase your opt in rates.
Highly customizable – choose custom images and text as well as schedule times and select specific pages for popups to appear.
Easily create much cleaner, more professional-looking opt-in pages than with other form builders.


Form load time can be slower than that of Aweber, depending on the quality of your hosting and complexity of your site, but this is usually minor.

How Much Does It Cost?
PopUp Domination is currently a one-time investment of $47. If you do any kind of listbuilding, you’ll be sure to make you investment back and then some with all the extra subscribers this tool will help you collect.

Is It Worth It?
We have added PopUp domination to most of our marketing campaigns and estimate that we have an ROI of at least a hundred-fold since we started using the tool several months ago. Since these are leads we are capturing into our sales funnels, we’ll continue to profit from these extra subscribers for years to come, so our ROI on PopUp Domination will only grow even if we stopped using it. But since we’ll continue to use the tool more and more, we expect our profits to grow exponentially as our subscriber base really ramps up. Click here to visit the PopUp Domination site.

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PopUp Domination Tutorial.

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