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What’s It For? Video Screen Capturing & Screencasting

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Are You Looking For An Affordable And Professional Screencasting Software For Mac?
ScreenFlow is a complete screen capture and video editing solution offered by Telestream, designed to work on the Mac OS. It is a desktop application that allows you to record audio and video from multiple sources on your computer and then professionally edit them to produce high quality video presentations. See the right image for a screenshot of the software.

What Can It Do?
ScreenFlow allows you to capture audio and video from a variety of sources at the same time. You can record your entire monitor, capture video from your webcam or video camera, and simultaneously record audio from your computer and microphone. You can pick and choose which sources you would like to record for each presentation.

How Does It Compare?
Most screen capture programs give you a recording frame for your monitor while making your video. ScreenFlow on the other hand automatically records the whole screen. This makes the recording process  easier since you don’t have to worry about resizing and fidgeting with the frame while shooting the video. Then during the editing process you can control what areas of the screen you include in the video.

How Does It Work?
After your screen capture recording is complete, you can then edit the video in the ScreenFlow Editor. This software uses the familiar timeline interface that many other editing programs use to create and edit videos, providing a central tool to coordinate the various audio and video aspects of your presentation. You can trim clips, add in zoom effects and adjust audio levels. You can import audio clips and images to add to your presentation.

The editing software is easy to use as it mostly works by dragging and dropping. You can split videos, for instance you can overlay the webcam video as a small capsule over a portion of the screen capture video like some marketers do to show their face while doing a screen recording. You can add and remove audio and video capsules at any points in your videos.


Simultaneously record from your iSight or DV camera at the same time as your screen (and your microphone and computer’s audio!)
Add mouse click effects (both visual and audible), overlay keystrokes and even zoom the mouse pointer up & down.
Easily add zoom & pan effects, trim clips, add drop shadow & reflection and even existing media into your screencast.
Share your screencast with the broadest audience to be viewed in any media player.


One con that ScreenFlow has is that it’s Mac only. Sorry PC users!

Special Features.
ScreenFlow has the capability to add some neat features to your screen capture presentations. You can have a yellow highlight that follows your mouse cursor to function as a pointer. You can add text boxes, callouts and nifty transitions between videos and images. ScreenFlow allows you to get as simple or sophisticated as you wish with your presentations. When you are all done editing and finalizing your high resolution video and need to convert it to QuickTime or Windows Media, ScreenFlow’s custom GPU algorithm allows you to export it in high quality format. This helps even small text in re-sized videos remain legible.

System Requirements:
Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 or later
G4 or Intel based CPU required (Core 2 Duo recommended)
Quartz Extreme capable graphics card

Is It Worth The Money?
After we tried ScreenFlow, we were astounded with the capabilities it offers for such a low one-time price and immediately made it our tool of choice for screen capture and video editing tasks. The program allows us to produce professional training programs, high quality marketing presentations and product review videos that convert well. A fully functioning trial version is available (exported videos are watermarked) on Telestream’s site. They will be coming out with version 3 shortly, so you may want to grab it soon before the price increases as it did when version 2 was released.

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What Does It Cost?
Screenflow is available for $99 for new users, and $29 for the upgrade price.

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ScreenFlow Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a ScreenFlow tutorial video on how it all works.

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