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What’s It For? Online Greeting Card

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Are You Looking For A Unique, Profitable And Proven Network Marketing Opportunity?
Send Out Cards is an online greeting card and gift company. Their mission is to make it fun and easy for you to send out your own custom personalized greeting cards and gifts for special occasions and earn money in the process.

How Does It Work?
Whether you operate a business or are just looking for an organized way to send out unique, attractive cards and gifts throughout the year, Send Out Cards will help make the process much pleasant and convenient. What’s more is that Send Out Cards is a network marketing program that allows individuals to earn compensation by referring others and using the system, presenting a very solid, credible business opportunity. It’s just a 4 easy steps to process your unique cards: Pick a Card, Personalize, Add a Gift and We Print and Send!

sendoutcards how it works

sendoutcards bannerSend Out Cards Is A Convenient Way To Send Greeting Cards.
With Send Out Cards, there is no more hunting for stamps and rushing to the post office to make sure your card gets to its destination on time. You can just go online, upload any personal photos if you want to include them, then point and click your way through your selections and let Send Out Cards take care of the rest.

Perfect For The Business Person.
Send Out Cards is great for sales or any other profession that involves clients. The system works well for sending thank you cards, follow ups and promotional material. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers and clients, letting them know what’s new with your business or offering a special promotion to keep them coming back for more of your products or services.

Organizer Feature.
If you have a lot of contacts, this feature will certainly come in handy. You can store all your addresses in one location, and when you need to send a card just simply select the person it’s going to. Send Out Cards will handle the rest.

Save Time With Bulk Sending.
Within the system you can create campaigns to make sending items to multiple people much easier. Whether you have a list of clients, prospects or invitees, Send Out Cards is perfect for sending out promotions, party invitations, and holiday greetings. This component will serve as a huge time-saver for sending out a mass amount of cards.

Never Forget An Important Event With The Built-In Calender.
You can use Send Out Card’s online reminder system to keep track of key dates like birthdays, anniversaries and other important events. You’ll receive an automatic reminder as each important date approaches, so you’ll never have to send a belated card again.

sendoutcards gift cardGift Catalog.
If you would like to send a gift along with the card, you’ll have access to the Send Out Cards extensive gift catalog. The catalog is full of creative and spot-on gift ideas that you’ll never have a problem finding the perfect gift no matter who it’s for. From the comfort and convenience of your own home, you can choose from books, gourmet food items, gift baskets, gift cards and many other categories suitable for all ages. So don’t waste time running to the store to find a gift.

How Does The Send Out Cards Business Opportunity Work?
You just simply refer others to the program, and earn lifetime commissions on their purchases and usage as well as the people they refer, and so on for multiple levels down. As your network grows over time, so will your residual income.

Should I Join?
If you send out quite a few cards throughout the year, then it would be worth it join. Once you see the quality of the system and how much you enjoy it, you’ll be inclined to show Send Out Cards to friends and associates. The opportunity is designed as a soft sell so you won’t feel like you are pressuring people like you would with most other network marketing companies. All you have to do is introduce others to the system and let it do the rest. This is the way network marketing is supposed to operate.

We Are Distributors.
We are currently distributors for Send Out Cards and we do make good money with the program. We also use the system extensively to foster a great relationship with our clients and customers for our other businesses. They appreciate that we are thinking of them throughout the year, and it has certainly helped our client retention rate since we started using Send Out Cards. With our experience, we can help you achieve the success that many others have achieved with Send Out Cards.

What Does It Cost?
The cost of Wholesale and Entrepreneur Package is $457. And for Wholesale Package, it’s $398. When you choose a Retail Option, you can enjoy the standard system features such as a Contact Manager, PicturePlus 2.0 and the ability to send Campaigns. You can purchase points ranging from $0.49 and $0.99 each, depending on the number of points you purchase. If you choose to participate in our Monthly Subscription Plan, you will receive points at $0.49 per point, our best retail value. Click here to visit the Send Out Cards site.

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Send Out Cards Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Send Out Cards tutorial video on how it all works.

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