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What’s It For? Copywriting Training

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jcarltonsws workbook dvdBecome An Expert Copywriter And Explode Your Income With John Carlton’s Simple Writing System.
Copywriting writing is an essential skill to have because whether you write for clients or for your own projects, having the skill to write compelling copy will make your online business virtually fail-proof. Good copywriters are one of the most sought after commodities in internet marketing. There are many more online marketers than there are skilled copywriters, so your craft will always be in high demand. You can also apply your copywriting skills to your own marketing pursuits and produce more effective salesletters, presell pages, email messages and video presentations.

The John Carlton Simple Writing System is an advanced home-study copywriting course that is suitable for experienced and aspiring beginner copywriters alike. Included in this set are 17 jam-packed DVDs that contain:

  • A 17-point checklist to ensure you include every vital copy element in your sales pieces.
  • Workbooks that summarize important concepts and challenge you with a series of copywriting exercises – the best way to learn is by doing.
  • John’s extensive 280-page swipe file that highlights the best-converting ads for you to massage into your own ads or help trigger your own inspiration and creativity.

What Are The Bonuses?
With the system you will also receive two high-powered bonuses:

  • Power Words Compendium
  • 11 Quick Marketing Fixes

The first bonus features a list of tons and tons of hot phrases and words that will give your copy more bite. It includes an explanation of when and how they should be used in your sales elements. The second bonus is a basic but powerful time-proven checklist that John has followed for over two decades to structure his high-priced marketing consultations.

What Will I Learn From This?
Overall, this is the system that John has personally used to amass a small fortune by writing highly effective sales messages over and over again, and you can do the same. You’ll learn to overcome writers block and the fear of writing before absorbing the important fundamentals that are a must for each copywriting project. Then you’ll learn advanced tactics that will take your conversions to another level.

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Why Is It Important To Learn The Advanced Aspects Of Copywriting And Not Just The Basics?
Facts alone don’t sell products and services. You may have a little success if you just describe the features and benefits of your product and then present your buy button, but you certainly won’t come close to reaching your profit potential. You need to convince your visitors to make the purchase now, while they’re hot on your site and not exposed to competitive products and other distractions.

The way to do this is to craft your message in a way that makes it seem less painful for your prospects to part with their money and buy your product than it is not to purchase and miss out on your offer. This is much easier said than done, but not so for graduates of the Simple Writing System.

*Audio Interview* Want to find out more?
Listen to an interview I conducted with John Carlton – click here for the Simple Writing System audio interview review.

jcarltonsws graphicGet Fast Results With The Aid Of A Mentor.
Although copywriting is not rocket science and doesn’t require an advanced degree (there are even dropouts who are successful copywriters), you do need a mentor who has been there and done that to help make sure you achieve success as quickly as possible.

To get the fastest results, you need to shortcut the learning curve, and a mentor is the best way to do this. In this system you get to see John teach his 17-point system to his students for just a fraction of the cost they paid to be there live. Seeing how several others with different marketing backgrounds and skill levels approached the exercises will help you quickly get drawn into the systematic application of each step. Once you start applying just a few of the things you learn from the system, the result will be effective communication of your sales message to your potential buyers, and of course increased profits.

What Made This Training Effective?
What has made this system so effective for hundreds of marketers is that you learn all the important copywriting skills by actually doing them. You don’t just read about them and then wonder how to implement the steps, the detailed workbooks will lead you down the right path so you know exactly what actions to take in which order so you become a copywriting maestro.


One of the most important things you learn is that in your ads, you communicate that you solve a problem.
You will learn is how to write headlines.
The course will teach you how to close the sale.
You will be taught how to use testimonials to increase your credibility and trust with your prospects, and this will eventually translate into more sales.


The main weakness of John Carlton’s Simple Writing System is that it is an information product. You will have to put in the effort and time to make the system work. Buying the system in itself will not make you a brilliant copywriter. You have to do the exercises.

Why Do We Invest In SWS?
We invested in the Simple Writing system because we wanted to learn all the important copywriting techniques from the best source available, and after just implementing a handful of the techniques we have seen a drastic increase in the performance of all of our marketing campaigns. The course is not cheap, but if you learn and apply the tactics that are taught, you will more than make your money back with your first client or project.

What Does It Cost?
The course costs $797, or five payments of $189. 5 times $189 is $945. You save $148 if you pay upfront.

The John Carlton Simple Writing System has a conditional money back guarantee, so you can try it risk free as long as you try two of the simple exercises in the workbooks. John is so confident these exercises will help put you on the path to copywriting success that if you do them and still don’t see the power in his system, you’ll get a full refund. So if you plan on doing nothing with the system, this isn’t for you. But if you are an action taker, the Simple Writing System will serve as a one-stop-all copywriting solution that will immensely benefit you for as long as you market online. Click here to visit the JCarltonSWS site.

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