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What’s It For? Marketing And Training System

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Are You Looking For A Complete Marketing And Training System?
Site Build It (SBI) is a complete marketing and training system that allows anyone to build a profitable business online regardless of how little marketing or technical experience they have. They provide all the tools, guidance, strategies and support the new marketer needs to succeed online.

sitebuildit ctpmCTPM Formula.
The success of any online business boils down to two factors – traffic and conversions. SBI focuses on these two things with its CTPM formula, which stands for content, traffic, presell and monetization.

SBI Business Model.
The business model of SBI is to build content-based websites that draw in visitors from the search engines and monetize the traffic though lead collection and advertising on the site. Monetization is driven by carefully crafted presell techniques on the webpages and in emails sent to the leads.

“BrainStorm It” And “Niche Choose It”.
The BrainStorm It and Niche Choose It tools are included in the SBI package. This tool helps you narrow down and select a profitable market to build your site around, as well as provide in-demand keywords on which to base your content. You’ll have plenty of good keywords to build an authority site, which is a key aspect of the SBI strategy. With enough quality content, you site will naturally pull in links from other sources and become an authority in your market. This will help your site profit even more since you’ll get higher rankings for more keywords, pull in more visitors and convert them into sales. Take a look at the below images to get a better idea of how the keyword data is displayed within the Brainstorm It! module.

sitebuildit brainstorm it

The more pages you build with high-profitability keywords, the more targeted traffic you generate.

sitebuild it bannerSite Builder Tool.
Building out your site could not be technically any easier than with SBI’s web templates and block-by-block sitebuilder tool. Just add your content and the software will build an attractive site with the webpages structured properly for the search engines.

SEO Tools And Site Analytics.
SBI provides you with the search engine optimization tools and strategies to propel your site to the top of the search engines for multiple keywords. You’ll have access to site analytics and reporting so you can see which web pages are performing well and which ones need more attention. It’ll provide the exact steps to take to improve your rankings for the pages that need it.

Presell And Monetization.
Included in SBI is its Electronic Newsletter Publishing platform that allows you to communicate with your subscribers on a regular basis and build trust with them. When you recommend relevant products for your subscribers to buy, your conversion rates will be much higher when you have established trust through this system. You’ll also learn effective preselling techniques to use on your website to help with advertising conversions.

*Audio Interview* Want to find out more?
Listen to an interview I conducted with Ken Evoy (founder and owner of SBI) – click here for the Site Build It audio interview review.


If you are a newbie SBI is the direct path to success because it gives you a step-by-step blueprint on creating a successful online business. The program will eliminate clutter, misinformation and information overload – all major problems that plague practically all online marketers and are the major reasons for failure in this business.


One restriction with SBI is that you are limited to one site per account, although you can purchase additional packages if you want to work on multiple sites. For new marketers this is probably better because it allows you to learn and perfect one site before moving onto others. Once you gain more experience you can take the valuable concepts within SBI and apply them to as many sites as you want on other platforms.

Is It Worth It?
The SBI system is a proven system that has stood the test of time for over 13 years – an eternity for online marketing. It has continued to thrive because it is based on the foundations of sound business principles. It is how we tasted our first success in internet marketing years ago, and the system continues to work today for many new entrepreneurs who put the system into action.

sitebuildit promoWhat Does It Cost?
In recent months, an unusually high number of people have requested a monthly subscription. Clearly motivated, they recognize SBI! as their best chance to move ahead and regain control. Given these economic times, we are offering a monthly payment model for a limited period. If a yearly payment of $299 is too much for your budget right now, take the monthly option of $29.99. Please remember, though… Give your business the same respect and commitment as if you had purchased the yearly subscription. Commit as fiercely to your future. If you work the SBI! process, you will be successful. When your e-business is generating sufficient income, switch to the yearly subscription (and save $60/year). Click here to visit the Site Build It site.

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Site Build It Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Site Build It tutorial video on how it all works.

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