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What’s It For? Website Uptime And Performance Monitoring System

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Are You Looking For The Ultimate Website Uptime And Performance Monitoring System?
site24x7 sign upSpeed has recently become more important in the Google ranking algorithm. The better your site performs and the faster it loads, the more weight Google will give your site in the search engines. This means if your site is optimized similarly to another from an SEO standpoint, yours will have the advantage if it if faster.

Also the faster your site loads, the longer the Google robots will stay on your site. They’ll be able to access more of your content to spider, which means greater visibility in the search engines. Another important reason to have a fast-performing site is for your visitors. With high speed internet becoming much more common across the globe, web visitors exact super fast response times from the sites they are visiting. If the sites they are surfing are too slow, they will leave to find another that doesn’t test their patience.

The ideal tool to make sure your sites and servers are functioning at peak efficiency is Site 24×7. Site 24×7 is an all-in-one website monitoring application so you know how well your sites, hosts, mail servers and web applications are performing.

Features at a glance:

  • Remotely monitor the uptime of websites from multiple geographical locations.
  • Track the performance of websites by monitoring web site response time.
  • Get instant email/SMS/RSS alerts if there is any website downtime or if the performance slows down.
  • Get notified when the content of a web page changes. Check for the presence/absence of keywords in a web page.
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Monitor Uptime & Performance of Web Sites

site24x7 website monitoringWebsite Monitoring.
Site 24×7 will monitor your various web properties at the intervals you select. You can save money by having it perform checks periodically instead of constantly.

Some of the things you can monitor include website uptime, page load response times, web application performance, ping monitoring and email protocols. You can have it check from different geographical locations as well to make sure international traffic is working as it should if you target visitors from various countries.

Reporting And Notifications.
When there are downtime or performance problems with your sites, Site 24×7 will notify you through email, SMS and even Twitter when the problems occur. The graphical interface is user-friendly and the statistics are easy to decipher. You’ll have accessible data in the areas of uptimes/downtimes, response times, trend reports and root cause analysis.

You can schedule reports and export the data as well in different formats such as csv and email. Site 24×7 also has an API so you can integrate their data into any custom applications you may have.


Constantly monitors uptime and performance of your websites and servers.
Web page analyzer tracks all the components of a web page – you can see where the culprit lies (images, css, media, javascript, html code) for a poorly performing page.
Outstanding customer support.
Top-notch graphical reporting to allow you to see what’s exactly going on with your properties.


There are cheaper options out there, although none are as comprehensive as Site 24×7.

What Is The Cost?
Site 24×7 has flexible pricing plans depending on how frequently and how many locations you want your properties monitored. So you can pick and choose the options that meet your current criteria and upgrade as your web empire grows. Click here to visit the Site24x7 site.

Is Site 24×7 Worth It?
Site 24×7 is the solution we use to make sure our sites and web servers are operating smoothly and a peak performance level. We want to make sure we our giving our web visitors and customers the best experience possible when they visit our sites, and this is the tool that allows us to ensure this happens. With Site 24×7, we know our sites and servers are in good hands. You can see so for yourself as Site 24×7 does have a free 15 day trial for you to try their service, so go ahead and give it a shot today and see how well this service helps you make sure your web properties perform at the level you expect them too.

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3 Responses to Site24x7 Review

  1. Keep up the good work Site24x7!

    We’ve been using Site24x7 to monitor our website and DNS from a ‘users eye view’. The service lets us know very quickly if there are any problems. It also helps us ensure our change control processes for both DNS and website alterations are being adhered to. We’re really pleased with the way the service works and with the support we get from the team.

  2. I used to use another provider to monitor my client’s systems – they were always slow to react and more often that not, we had noticed there was an issue before the monitoring company had! Not any more, with Site24X7, we have been actively notified very qucikly of issues and when the systems have recovered.

    Couple this with the excellent iPhone/mobile interface and monthly reporting – it’s a great solution.

    I highly recommend it.

  3. Site24x7 is an excellent website monitoring service. We have been a happy customer for 3 years and the service has responded quickly to downtimes and alerted us instantly allowing us to take corrective steps. My favorite feature is iPhone client, which is very slick.

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