Name: Sucuri
What’s It For? Website Malware Monitoring & Cleanup Service

Do You Need To Improve On Your Website Security? Sucuri Can Be Of Help.

I don’t know if your site’s been hacked or not but I can tell you that getting your site hacked can be an absolute nightmare. Websites are our staple here at Melbourne SEO Services, and it’s really painful when our sites, especially our core ones, are affected.

We’ve had a couple of sites hacked with malware or viruses over the last couple of years. Whenever one of our sites would get infected, it was always difficult for us to pinpoint who we ought to turn to for the right advice.  We tried several services, which mostly turned out to be both expensive and rather time consuming.

Website Clean Up The Sucuri Way

We never stopped looking for the right provider to clean up infested sites because we didn’t want our sites to be down with a virus all the time and create a negative impression on our end users. And if you’re a website and business owner as well, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that too.

We eventually came across Sucuri and so far they’ve provide the best service we’ve experienced when it comes to combating malware. They definitely know what they’re doing.  I admire them for the quality of their service, and even their personnel.

The people at Sucuri are very responsive. The speed at which they react to clients is unparalleled; they get back to you really quickly. Once they conduct a cleanup of your site, they deliver only fast, efficient and professional service that ensures the security and safety of your site.

More Than Just  A Clean Up Service

Sucuri is not just for infested websites. Think of it as a precautionary measure, a preventive procedure in anticipation of the worst. You don’t want to wait for your site to get hacked before getting it some protection. It’s better to keep it secure and safe this early. Your peace of mind as well as those of your customers will be worth the effort.

If your site has been hacked, it’s time for you to go through the necessary steps to correctly clean your site and ensure that things are in place moving forward. Sucuri can definitely do the job. They’re very thorough and could possibly fix your problem in as little as a few hours. And compared to other providers, their services are actually rather affordable.

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Efficient in website integrity monitoring.
Server side scanning option to track suspicious files.
Protection of core files through WordPress Audit Log plug-in.
Configuration of email alerts, twitter alerts, IM alerts, SMS alerts, and RSS alerts.

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Now before you think this is just a cheap way to get you to buy through our affiliate link, hear me now… “I don’t really care whether you buy through our link or somebody else’s”. The fact is, Sucuri is an amazing tool that every internet marketer should have in their toolkit.

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Sucuri Video Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a an Sucuri tutorial video on how it all works.

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