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What’s It For? Market Research Tool

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surveymonkey bannerAre You Looking For A Way To Fine Tune Your Market Research?
Being able to know what people in your market want and deliver a solution that solves their problems is the sure way to success and moving your business forward. Survey Monkey is a handy tool that will let you drill down into your market, find out what your customers and prospects want and determine how to make your products and services better.

How Does It Work?
With Survey Monkey you can create smart professional surveys with ease. It is simple to set up and operate, being completely browser-based with no software to install and maintain. You can design your own surveys using a standard WYSIWYG editor so you can match the look of your survey to your website. You can also import common pre-existing templates including:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Professional services.
  • Business and marketing.
  • Non-profit and academic.

survey monkey question types

Choose from over 15 question types that are already configured & ready to go.

Survey Templates.
You can use these templates as a base and then modify them to fit the angle of your survey. You can customize the questions you ask in your survey with the use of these question types:

  • Text boxes
  • Rating scales
  • Multiple choice
  • Demographics

Comments By Participants.
You can add comment fields to your questions to allow your participants to expand on their answers if necessary. Survey Monkey has advanced features that let you dig deep into your market and get the answers you want, with functionality such as:

  • Response validation
  • Skip logic
  • Printable PDFs

survey monkey screenshot

Professional charts & graphs at the click of a button.

Built In Skip Logic
You can make sure an important question is answered before allowing the participant to continue with the survey, and you can require answers to be formatted in a certain way like a whole number or email. The built in skip logic allows you to create custom pathways so you can move participants towards a specific direction based on their previous answers. You can also create PDFs of your survey, so participants can download them and fill them out offline, then submit them later. These are also great for printing out if you wanted to make hard copies of your surveys.

Manipulating Data, Charts, Graphs.
Survey Monkey has an advanced reporting and data analysis interface, allowing you to manipulate the data and create charts and graphs. You can create custom reports and filter data by the survey responses which can help you spot certain trends. You can download the data in PDF, HTML or CSV format for easy viewing whether you want to see the data in a spreadsheet or web browser.


Most full featured.
The price is right, at $20/month. 1000 responses/month.
Support – Video Tutorials.


Their Basic version only allows ten questions in each survey.

What Does It Cost?
Survey Monkey is certainly a key part of our marketing endeavors. It allows us to see what people in our market yearn for, and we get extremely valuable feedback on how to make our products better. For the price ($20-$25 per month) this is one of the most valuable marketing tools there is. Click here to visit the Survey Monkey site.

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Survey Monkey Tutorial.

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