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thesis bannerThesis – An Advanced WordPress Theme Optimized For Traffic And Design.
Thesis is an advanced wordpress theme developed by DIYThemes and is one of the more popular and well-received themes used by internet marketers. The major features of Thesis are that it:

  • Is highly customizable from a design standpoint.
  • Has SEO functionality built into the theme.
  • Is backed by great documentation and support.

A Flexible WordPress Theme.
Thesis is highly customizable and flexible so that advanced designers can tweak it to their minute specifications, or non-techies can create multiple variations of the theme with basic web skills that don’t require code manipulation. The design elements of your site that can easily be adjusted within the design options include but are not limited to:

  • # of columns
  • Header appearance (using a custom image or designing your own header).
  • Navigation structure.
  • Fonts and color for each component such as posts, comments, navigation menus, sidebars, etc.
  • Default post image settings (saves you from having to tinker with each individually).

Thesis Hook System.
Custom designing your site can be as easy as selecting options from various drop down boxes in Thesis (as seen below). If you are a little more adventurous, you can use hooks to manipulate your blog like a pro. Hooks are snippets of php code that control the functionality and appearance of your blog. With the Thesis hook system, applying the use of custom hooks is as easy as copying code, pasting it and making simple adjustments to it.

thesis openhook

Create An Optimized Salespage Or Squeeze Page.
One of the problems with wordpress blogs is that there is a lot going on as far as options and links for your visitors to click, so when you want them to take a certain action such as opting in to your newsletter or clicking the Buy button, your conversions with suffer for a typical wordpress blog. Well, with thesis you can easily apply custom code (even if you are not a coder) to your sales page or squeeze page to give it a minimalist display – without the distractions of navigation menus, sidebars, headers and footers, and still maintain the overall appearance of your site. This will drastically improve your conversion rates.

SEO Options.
Thesis allows you to control several important SEO factors for your site. You can add custom title tags to your homepage and to each of your posts. You can control which types of pages don’t get indexed and followed to prevent the search engines from seeing duplicate content and “bloat” pages (like calender pages and author pages) that dilute your search results. You can choose whether you want to use canonical URLs, which you should do to maximize the ranking potential of your URLs. The theme is light on resources which helps your site perform better, an increasingly important factor for it to rank well.

thesis seo screenshot

It is very easy to do this in WordPress cause you can use a plugin that will show you the fields you need to fill in.


Outstanding Support.
Thesis has a detailed user’s guide and blog that explains how-to’s, tips and tricks, and best practices on how to get maximum use from the theme. There is an active support forum where the developer is active and regularly answers questions along with other experienced members. Also the theme is often upgraded with advanced functionality and fixes when necessary to keep up with the latest changes in wordpress.


Thesis is well optimized for search engines. So you no need of using SEO plugins. By this you save your time to install those plugins and upgrade those plugins often.
Thesis do-it-yourself type of theme. You can search online and make use of any thesis resources.
Thesis has good support forum.
Thesis upgrades happens with dramatic changes. These changes offer more features to your blog.
Google Analytics – Your code can be added without fiddling with files.


No Actual Design – Thesis comes as vanilla, it looks plain but professional. It will need customising to get it to be the way you want it. Your options are: use the basic theme design options (fine for basic customisation, and the theme looks clean cut and professional as it is), learn CSS or hire a Thesis coder. The great support forum can help you out a lot if you want to experiment and do things yourself.

What Does It Cost?
Thesis is not dirt cheap at $87 but is priced fairly for sure. You can also purchase the developer’s version so if you plan to develop sites for clients or sell a site with the Thesis theme on it, you’ll be able to obtain a license for your client or the person who buys your site.

Thesis is among the top two themes we use for our wordpress blogs. We can customize it so our sites not only look professional for our visitors but also are maximized for conversions. Along with the SEO benefits we get from using the theme, it has paid for itself many times over. Version 2.0 will see an extensive overhaul (mostly concerning API-based functionality for advanced users) and most likely a price increase, so if you are on the fence now is the perfect time to get it as upgrades are free. Click here to visit the Thesis site.

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Thesis Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Thesis tutorial video on how it all works.

WordPress Expert – Thesis Theme | Testimonial for Vaibhav Kanwal

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