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traffic kaboom logo Name: Traffic Kaboom
What’s It For? SEO And Backlinking Services

Important Update!: We no longer recommend Traffic Kaboom.

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traffic kaboom bannerAre You Looking For A Way To Put Your Backlinking Efforts On Steroids?
While everyone who delves into SEO or practices it handily realize the importance of high quality backlinks, no one actually enjoys the process of getting backlinks themselves. That’s why there are many top selling automated SEO tools and backlinking services.

Unfortunately most of them fail when it comes to getting high quality backlinks that stick, but one service that has a history of getting great results for their customers for several years is Traffic Kaboom.

Traffic Kaboom is an enhanced version of the Syndicate Kahuna network from the same owners. Traffic Kaboom uses a one-two punch of a well-established blog network and trusted top video directories.

Two Step Backlinking Process.
The way the service works is that first, Traffic Kaboom will blast your videos to the top video directories. And not only will just submit the videos, it will also make sure each submission is unique.

The second part of the process is that the system will drip feed content to Traffic Kaboom’s privately owned, well-established blog network. This network has been around for awhile so it is quite large and aged which is good for quality backlinks.

Within the system you can submit three articles and videos per day. However by contributing to the network by adding your own sites, you can earn more credits and have access to more submissions.

traffic kaboom graph
The real key is what type of traffic and sales those backlinks can generate for you.

High Quality Blog Network.
Traffic Kaboom runs off the old Syndicate Kahuna network, so most of the sites are aged, established sites of decent quality. Many people have had stellar results with Syndicate Kahuna, and Traffic Kaboom takes the whole process to another level with the video submissions.

There are a high number of sites in the network – at least several thousand. The content is human reviewed by the Traffic Kaboom team, which is a good thing since it maintains the integrity of the network. Some people might not like this because on the flip side, if you’re looking to submit duplicate, junk content or content that is poorly spun for quick easy links, your best bet is to look elsewhere. The team at Traffic Kaboom has no problem from keeping poor content from entering their network.


Get thousands of backlinks from a high quality, aged network.
Additional unique backlinks on auto from the major video directories.
Members are currently reporting positive results with this system.
Exceptional support and training.


Expense, can’t submit spun articles (unless they’re spun really well).

What Is The Cost?
Traffic Kaboom is not cheap. One year’s license runs $497, or you can go with the $147 per every three months option. They do have a two month money back guarantee, so you’ll have plenty of time to thoroughly test the network to make sure you are getting results you are pleased with before committing to the system. Click here to visit the Traffic Kaboom site.

Is Traffic Kaboom Worth It?
Well, as it comes with a hefty price tag, it is not worth it for the newbie marketer who has one or two sites. However if you have a few sites and some of them are showing some promise, then Traffic Kaboom is definitely worth it.

We always preached diversity and quality with our backlinking strategies, but we would have to say that Traffic Kaboom is a major part of our backlinking efforts. After we do our initial promotion methods such as submitting web directory links, articles and press releases, Traffic Kaboom is what we use to get our sites from indexed and ranking to getting ranked towards the top of the first page.

Since with Traffic Kaboom we get a variety of links all from quality sites, it fits our overall SEO strategy perfectly. If you are able to build sites that convert, you’ll more than make your investment back with Traffic Kaboom.

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Traffic Kaboom Tutorial.
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Ready To Get Started?
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5 Responses to Traffic Kaboom Review

  1. By submitting just one piece of content using the Traffic Kaboom network we went from not ranking at all to dominating the entire first 10 Google search results for our primary key word within one week.

  2. It’s really incredible to see organic rankings on the front pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Ask and more all because of one submission!

  3. I could not believe what I was seeing, it was an overnight metamorphosis. People starting hitting my sites in droves, I could not understand what had happened, the stats seemed unbelievable, but they were true. I saw a 200% increase in traffic. Well done guys, your stuff really kicks ass!!

  4. Hey Dave are you still using all the blog networks you have listed here even after all the changes with the Google panda updates?

    • Hi Frank. You’ll know if Dave no longer recommends a service because he’s placed a large note at the start of the reviews. Do watch out for announcements in the coming months. We’re currently improving and adding to our strategies.

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