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Important Update!: We no longer recommend Unique Article Wizard.

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Are You Looking For An Automated Article Marketing Solution?
Unique Article Wizard (UAW) is an article distribution service that submits your article to hundreds of article directories and blogs. UAW has been around awhile and the number of sites in the network is over 10,000 strong. The network is more about link volume and not so much link quality.

UAW – The Process.
The way UAW works is you submit three different versions of the same article into their system. The content must be in the form of articles and not blog posts. These can be spun articles, and within the system you can further spin more copies so you have a lot of different articles of varying uniqueness being submitted to the directories. The idea is that this will help each article rank individually on its own and pass on more link juice if it’s not duplicate filtered.

Vast Link Syndication.
You can have up to four links in each article – two in the body and two in the resource box. UAW will then submit your articles to thousands of sites in its network. Not all sites will accept your article but many will – you should get close to a thousand links from one submission.

System Provides Control Over Quality Of Content And Link Rate.
Your content must be approved by an administrator which helps keep out junk content. You can also specify a submission rate so your links are spread out over time. A good strategy would be to drip feed ten to fifty per day. You don’t have to worry about creating or inputting accounts for the directories – UAW’s service will take care of that.

*Audio Interview* Want to find out more?
Listen to an interview I conducted with Darren Warmuth (one of the guys behind UAW) – click here for the Unique Article Wizard audio interview review.


Can get tons of links from just a few articles
Rotate in many resource boxes per article to boost multiple web entities
Advanced internal spinning capability
Works great for boosting web 2.0 and other social  sites


Link network not quite as effective as it used to be

Is It Worth It?
UAW’s network has been hit hard over the years and seems to have lost some of its effectiveness, but you can still achieve results for low competition keywords. The network isn’t as high quality as that in Linkvana or Build My rank. For that reason I wouldn’t use UAW as your primary linking strategy to get your sites ranked. It works well in a 2-tiered linking system where you use UAW to link to various web 2.0 properties, then link these sites to your main money pages. This is how we use UAW as part of our linking strategy.

Unique Article Wizard is not the one-stop set and forget wonder it once was but still works well if you use it in a smart way. To get the most out of UAW, follow these quick guidelines which we use with this system:

–> Vary the length of your spun articles
–> Vary your link placements
–> Link to different URLs in your articles

How Much Does It Cost?
For an article network Unique Article Wizard is relatively low cost at $67/month. Click here to visit the Unique Article Wizard site.

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Unique Article Wizard Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Unique Article Wizard tutorial video on how it all works.

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