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Are You Wondering How You Can Add Professionally Done, High Quality Videos To Your Websites For A Reasonable Price?
Web marketers know they need to add video to their content if they expect to gain credibility and be perceived as an authority figure in their market. AS more and more marketers realize this, they are adding their own videos to their sites, but usually the quality leaves a lot to be desired. As with written content, video content needs to be high quality and professionally done to gain the respect of your visitors and have them trust what you say.

videohive bannerWhy Use Video?
If you aren’t currently using video, now is the time to get started. Video is becoming the preferred content type of choice for most web surfers nowadays. Video sharing site traffic is continually on the rise, especially YouTube which gets more visitors than any other site besides Facebook and Google.

With video you can more effectively communicate your message to your visitors and gain their trust. You can even use video content to rank on it’s own as it is well trusted by Google. The problem with video is that it can be difficult to create them from scratch for people who lack creativity and technical expertise. You can try to slog your way through it but it can take hours or even days just to create one video.

Another option would be to outsource your videos, but this is a cost that can quickly add up. If you’re lucky you may be able to pay $10 to have a video done for you (or even $5 on Fiverr), but usually you get what you pay for. You’ll need to spend $20 or more for something decent. If you need multiple videos created, you’ll see how you need a large budget just to get them produced, but fortunately there is a cost-effective method to add high quality videos into your arsenal.

Introducing Video Hive.
Video Hive is your one-stop resource for high quality professional stock videos. The have stock videos broken down nicely in various categories such as: business/corporate, technology, health, people, sports and much more!

Also they have fancier videos at their disposal. If you want videos with 4D cinema, after effects and motion effects, Video Hive has them. You can then use a video editing program to customize the videos to your specific message you are trying to get across.

Animated logo by sound in Cinema 4D Project allows you to make your own 3D intro which will move by your sound.

videohive 4D screenshot

VideoHive - Cinema 4D Animated Logo Sound


High quality professional videos gives you and your site credibility and authority.
Sort videos by various criteria (date, title, author, price, rating, etc.) to help you nail down the videos you need.
Earn money though Video Hive by selling your own stock if you wish.
Save money and time by buying cheap quality videos instead of spending a fortune to have them created for you or doing them yourself.


Videos aren’t geared towards typical internet marketing niches like weight loss and insurance, but with some creativity you can make them relevant.

How Much Do The Videos Cost?
The cost for royalty free videos according to Video Hive starts at $1 and goes up from there. It’s rare you’ll actually find $1 videos though – expect the cheapest to go for about $3-$5. Click here to visit the VideoHive site.

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Is It Worth It?
Video Hive is the main source we use when we need videos added to our website and marketing content. If we were to try to create similar videos ourselves, it would cost us a lot more to outsource, or it would take a few hours to create one from scratch that is of similar quality. If you are looking for a cheap, fast way to incorporate professional-looking videos into your websites and marketing materials, you should certainly give Video hive a look.

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VideoHive Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a VideoHive tutorial video on how it all works.

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