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What’s It For? Web Video Production Service For Businesses
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*Please Note: Web video production services from Melbourne SEO Services is in fact one of our products and not a third party product we are reviewing. That being said, you will not find another source who has the vast amount of experience we have in producing marketing videos designed to impress your prospects and deliver results.

Why Go Into Web Video Marketing?
Video marketing is the marketing wave of the future. Traditionally, most online businesses have relied on good old-fashioned SEO to establish an online presence, but those who continue to do so will quickly find themselves behind the times.

With SEO, it can take a while to see the results, but with a well-optimized video that is distributed to the leading video sites, you can start to receive targeted visitors to your site almost instantly. Traffic to video sites is on the rise, and most web visitors expect to see quality video content on sites they consider authority sites. The problem is that most business owners and online marketers don’t know how to get from step A to step Z when it comes to making videos and getting the desired results from them.

Take The Lead In Your Market When You Do Web Video Marketing With Us.
Melbourne SEO Services has you covered with our web video production program. We will take care of everything – from writing the script to producing the video to distributing it across the web to optimizing it so it delivers results that will help your business. With our 20+ years of online marketing experience and being at the forefront of the video trend when it first started to emerge a few years ago, we’ve become an industry leader in video marketing. This is evidenced by our YouTube account which has a multitude of high quality videos that has received millions of views, so we certainly know how to get video traffic. Here are some of the benefits of using Melbourne SEO services to take care of your video marketing:

web video production

Video expert, Ben, demonstrates a video concept.

Access to an experienced and professional video production crew to create your videos
Top of the line equipment will be used to ensure the utmost quality of your videos
Our 20+ years of marketing experience will have your videos laser-targeted to the marketing message you want to convey
We’ll show you how to get a flood of traffic to your videos and position yourself as the industry leader in your market

Getting just a portion of the process wrong can seriously derail your results, so why struggle your way through all the dynamics of video marketing production and implementation, wondering if your videos will be up to par when you can have a team of well-qualified experts make them while you sit back and relax. Let Melbourne SEO Services make sure it’s done correctly and optimally the first time.

Melbourne SEO Services YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube channel for lots of sample videos.


no need to purchase expensive equipment and software to produce and edit your videos
no time spent on your part slogging your way through making a video, hoping it is being done correctly
video scripts will be optimized to get your prospects to take your desired actions
brand yourself as an authority figure in your industry and gain instant credibility with consumers in your marketplace


There really are no cons to this service. Instead if we feel our service is not a good fit for your business, we will let you know and recommend the next steps for you to take.

What is the Cost?
There is no packaged price for this service – instead it will be tailored to your specific requirements. We’ll be happy to discuss your ideas and the goals you wish to attain, and offer suggestions with no obligation to use our services. We’ll subsequently provide a quote based on the details of your project and the resources needed to complete it.

Investing in video marketing is the smart thing to do. Based on the samples you’ll see as well as the testimonials from some of our customers, we think you’ll be more than happy with our service and experience a high ROI like many of our clients have.

Take A Look At Some Of Our Samples.

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