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What’s It For? Local Citations For Businesses

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Are You Looking For A Quick And Easy Way To Find Local Citations For Your Business?
whitespark bannerWhether you own a small business and are looking to increase your exposure online, or if you are a offline business consultant looking to add an extra service to provide for your clients, Local Citation Finder from WhiteSpark can be a very valuable tool.

What this tool essentially does is allow your sites to be found for a lot more local keyphrases than you are currently getting. You’ll be able to find and create more citations for search phrases that are actually being searched for by people looking for the product or service you are offering.

How Local Citation Finder Works?
Local Citation Finder makes increasing your local citation count much easier with a simple three step process:

whitespark enter search phrases

1. Perform a basic search for your main business keyword in your geographical area.

Let’s say for example you sell used cars in the Melbourne area. You would start by entering the keyphrase “Melbourne used cars” into the tool search box, and the Local Citation Finder will return a bunch a related keywords and variations for that phrase.

For example, with your initial phrase you can also get “used cars Melbourne”, “used cars in Melbourne”, ” cheap Melbourne used cars” and many others.
2. Armed with the full keyword list, Local Citation Finder hawks the internet for all the citation site listings for the current top ranking sites.

Most keyphrases return many potential citations. You can get hundreds of potential citations from this list alone. Time to start building citations that fit your business.

whitespark built-in organizer

3. Built-in organizer keeps track of the citations.

Once you start building citations that are relevant to your business or your client, it’s important to stay organized to remain efficient. The organizer will keep track of the citations you have already built so you don’t have to worry about repeating the same tasks you have already done.

With this many citations at your disposal, it would be hard to remember on your own which ones you’ve done and which ones still need to be done. You can also check off which citations you are not interested in.


Find many citations you never would have found manually.
Analyse the top ranked businesses and the citations for your competitors.
Use SEOMoz Domain Authority and Majestic SEO Rank to identify and grab the quality citations.
Keep yourself organized with a built-in project system (great for offline consultants).


Free account only allows for 3 searches a day.

What Is The Cost?
The cost for WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder is broken down into three levels, depending on how much you need to use the service. Prices range from $20 to $40 each month. You can also shave a couple months payments off the rate by going with the annual service. Click here to visit the Whitespark site.

Is Local Citation Finder Worth It?
Being an SEO company ourselves, we find this to be a very handy tool to get more local traffic for our business and that of our numerous clients. When we introduce this tool to our clients, they never fail to get excited about the extra potential business they can get from it. And not only does WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder initially impress them, it delivers great results as well.

So if you own a small business or run a consulting business and are looking for extra ways to get more customers for yourself or for your clients, Local Citation Finder is a service you should certainly check out. They do have a free trial version available so it makes sense to give that a try and get a feel for how well this service actually works.

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Whitespark Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Whitespark tutorial video on how it all works.

Ready To Get Started?
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