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xero bannerAre You Looking For An All-In-One Accounting, Invoicing, Billing And Banking Solution?
Running and managing a business is not easy. Typically, large corporations have many employees handling the day to day financial operations from accounting to invoicing to payroll.

There’s a ton of business software programs available – some of them high-end that cost a lot, and for the most part they don’t integrate with each other very well (or it’s not as seamless as they claim to be).

With cloud computer becoming much more popular, it’s great if you can operate the software anywhere – whether you’re home, in the office or on the road. That’s where Xero.com comes in. It’s an online platform that has everything you need to run your business and much more, all integrated online and all for just one low price.

What Is Xero?
Xero is an online comprehensive accounting and business solution. The main modules it supports includes bank reconciliation, invoicing, inventory, invoicing, accounts payable and financial reporting.

The Xero interface provides a comprehensive dashboard with everything integrated in it, giving easy access to all the functions the software offers.

Main Accounting Dashboard.
From the main accounting dashboard you can see an overview of all your vital business data in a nutshell. This includes bank accounts, invoices, bills and expense claims. You can drill down and add new transactions quickly with a click. If you have employees who need access to collaborate on client-related projects, you can set customized user-level security, and of course everything is accessed safely through encrypted connections.

xero sample dashboard

Why An Accounting Program Like Xero Is Beneficial?
Xero is the perfect solution to help you keep detailed tabs on your business and manage cash flow. In a clean graphical interface you can instantly see who owes you money and how much, as well as upcoming expenses that you are responsible for. This is presented in easy-to-read tables and charts. You can send reminders, handle credits, and track inventory if necessary. From a single online location, you can follow everything your clients buy from you and everything they pay you, regardless if you’re in the office, at home, on the road or even on your mobile phone. Xero provides all this through a well designed web portal.

Several Add-on Plugins.
Another nice thing about Xero is the inclusion of several add-on plugins that integrate with a variety of third party applications. Some examples include:

  • Credit card and Paypal integration.
  • Project management and job tracking.
  • E-commerce solutions for your online shop.
  • Custom integration for your own proprietary systems.

So Xero is not only a nice introductory accounting and business solution, it has the ability and flexibility to meet certain specialized needs for your business and grow with you as well.

xero add-ons


Easy to read charts keep track of your account history and up to the minute data – helps make sure your business never misses a beat.
Daily bank feeds so you can automatically import and code your bank transactions.
Includes “Xero Touch” which makes managing your business via a mobile device a cinch.
Create and send invoices automatically, even with custom invoicing templates.
Supports foreign currency account reconciliation, and goes so far as to even automatically calculate gains and losses due to currency fluctuations.


Not ideal for large, multi-million dollar corporations.

How Much Is Access To The Software?
There are three different pricing levels and each is cheap. The lowest one at $19 per month is really limited as far as the number of invoices and transactions you can generate. However you can easily upgrade to the $29 level which supports unlimited transactions and use. The $39 level is for international businesses who deal with multi-currency transactions.

Is Xero Worth It?
Xero is a great introductory accounting and business platform, especially for the price. We started using Xero a few months ago, and even find it fits nicely with the growth of our businesses. Some people prefer a one-time payment instead of having to pay monthly, but with Xero there is less up front cost to use the software than buying a program outright. Additionally, everything is done online so there are no installation or support headaches that pop up on standalone desktop software. With a 30-day trial, it’s easy to give it a try and see if this service is the right for you. Click here to visit the Xero site.

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Xero Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a Xero tutorial video on how it all works.

Entrepreneur Tim Norton recommends Xero Accounting Software.

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