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Article Marketing Automation – More Traffic, Links And Content For Your Sites.
Article Marketing Automation (AMA) is a blog network that allows users to publish content on each other’s blogs. This allows the blog owners to receive fresh content and the content publishers to receive links back to their sites, helping them rank higher in the search engines.

What Makes Article Marketing Automation Unique?
The difference between AMA and a service like Build My Rank is that with AMA you can spin multiple copies of your article and publish it on multiple places for more links. It is a great way to increase link volume and diversity. Also AMA is less strict than the major article directories as far as what types of links you can include in your content. The main benefits of AMA are that you can:

  • Receive direct traffic from your article submissions
  • Increase link juice to your sites from the links in the articles you submit
  • Receive ongoing fresh content for your sites that you have added to the network

Integrated Spinning.
AMA has proprietary spinning software that allows you to spin your article into several unique copies rather than submit the exact same copy to multiple sites. It’s no secret that Google is devaluing duplicate content, and the links in duplicate content will be devalued as well. So this spinning feature is important to help your links maintain their effectiveness.

Less Restrictions Than The Article Directories.
When you submit your articles into the network, they will be placed on the existing sites of other blog owners in the network. Some of the traffic that these blogs get will make its way to your sites via your links. A cool thing with AMA is that you are allowed to have affiliate links directly in your articles, whereas typical article directories like EzineArticles do not allow affiliate links. Also you can link to web 2.0 properties like YouTube and Digg. These properties rank well on their own and with a little extra link juice you can get your videos, bookmarks and articles ranking high in the search engines. Established article directories and bookmarking sites frown on linking to these types of sites but it is no problem with AMA.

Receive Fresh, Unique Content For Your Sites On A Regular Basis.
You also have the ability to plug your own sites into the network. This allows you to receive fresh new content for your blog from other members who submit articles into the system. You choose a general category for your site, and then you can pull articles that are submitted under that category. Of course you will have to leave all outbound links intact, and since the articles are written strictly for the purpose of backlinks, you will have to do some quality control on them.

*Audio Interview* Want to find out more?
Listen to an interview I conducted with Marc Lindsay (one of the guys behind AMA) – click here for the Article Marketing Automation audio interview review.


Syndicate your content on private blogs for greater link diversity and volume
Spin your content for increased stickiness and link quality
Receive a stream of fresh unique content for your blogs – keeps the spiders constantly visiting your sites
Can work with unlimited domains at a lower cost than other link networks


Quality of sites not quite as strong as some other link networks though they cost more

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Is It Worth It?
As a linking network, AMA is not in the same ballpark as Linkvana or Build My Rank, but it is great for adding link volume and getting some free unique content to your sites which you can’t get with the other services. We find AMA worthwhile as a way to get more links, increase our link diversity and add content to some of our broader sites.

How Much Does It Cost?
You can join for free and add some of your sites into the system and begin pulling content to use on your blogs. If you’d like to submit your own articles into the system for traffic and links, the cost is $67/month. Click here to visit the Article Marketing Automation site.

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Article Marketing Automation Tutorial
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s an Article Marketing Automation tutorial video on how it all works.

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