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What’s It For? Project Management & Collaboration

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Are You Looking For An Affordable And Highly Effective Multi-User Project Management System?
Basecamp is the most popular online project management system for organizing your projects and collaborating on them with contractors, clients, co-workers and employees. You can create multiple projects that act as separate entities, so you can assign different users to only the projects that are relevant to them. Within each project you have the core components: messages, to-do lists and milestones.

Messaging System.
Through its messaging system, Basecamp allows a streamlined form of communication to exist between members of the project. Instead of having to scatter a bunch of emails to different people, all the project’s messages will be stored in one centralized location for easy team viewing. If you want to restrict access, you can easily specify which users can see which messages.

What Are Milestones?
Milestones are goals or achievements for various stages of a project. These are useful especially if you have your project broken down into phases that have deadlines. You can assign milestone responsibility to other project members, a feature we find particularly useful when we outsource tasks to contractors. For employees and co-workers, this establishes accountability and thus helps motivate them to get their work done on time.

To-Do Lists.
These are action steps that help move your project through each milestone to completion. You can assign to-do items to team members and establish due dates. You can also group to-do items into a list and assign the list to a milestone, which provides another level of project organization.

File Sharing.
These team members have the ability to attach a file and make comments for each step of the project. This helps keep the files organized because they will be stored in the relevant areas of your project for easy access. If new versions of the same file are uploaded, Basecamp prevents them from being mixed up by automatically tracking the version number.

Project Templates.
Another thing that’s great with Basecamp is the use of templates. Templates allow you to create new projects from existing projects quickly rather than create each new project from scratch. So if subsequent projects will have a similar structure to a previous project, you can have new projects set up in no time.


Completely Open Format (no strange rules)
Incredibly easy interface for development team and clients
Ability to respond via email, eliminates need for client to login (and allows attaching of files)
Comment function on each task (team can communicate back to you with specific questions if need be)


One thing that Basecamp does not have is Gantt chart functionality, so if these charts are typically an important component for your projects then be aware that Basecamp does not include them.

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A Vibrant Basecamp Ecosystem.
Basecamp works with a variety of third-party billing and invoicing tools, mobile apps, mock-up review software, time tracking tools, and many more.

Is It Worth It?
All in all Basecamp is quick to set up and simple to operate. Anyone who has used a web browser will easily be able to pick up on this intuitive program.

How Much Does It Cost?
Basecamp does have a free 30-day trial, so it would make sense to try it risk-free. After that the service ranges in price from just $24/mo to $149/mo, depending on how many projects and storage space you will need. The nice thing is that each plan allows you to add an unlimited amount of users to your projects, so there are no restrictions in that regard. Click here to visit the Basecamp site.

Basecamp is a key component to our everyday operation. It allows our employees to remain productive and keeps our projects moving along so they get completed on time, and we recommend that you at least give the free trial version a try. After experiencing how great a difference a good project management system like Basecamp will make for your business, you won’t want to continue without it.

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