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What’s It For? Video Marketing Solution

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evp bannerEasy Video Player – Produce Professional Marketing Videos That Convert Like Crazy.
Easy Video Player (EVP) is a powerful video marketing solution that was built with the online marketer in mind. If you want to maximize your conversions, EVP is just the video player for the job. Valuable features that help make this player a marketer’s dream include the ability to:

  • Incorporate split testing for different video versions.
  • Add clickable overlay buttons.
  • Redirect the video upon conclusion to the site of your choice.
  • Embed live opt-in forms inside your videos.
  • Review detailed video marketing analytics.
evp features

Easy Video Player Awesome Features!

S3 Hosting Service Integration.
EVP integrates with Amazon’s S3 hosting service which is a great feature because with S3 you can host a massive amount of GBs and utilize tons of bandwidth and yet your video hosting costs will still be pennies on the dollar.

Total Control Over Videos.
EVP pretty much gives you total control over the look and feel of your videos. You can limit the fast forwarding and scrolling controls on your videos, so if your are using EVP to create video salesletters than this feature alone has been shown to increase sales. You can produce video web pages at the click of a button that are already optimized for commenting and social sharing.

How Can EVP Increase Conversion Rates?
Whether you sell your own products, promote affiliate offers or are trying to build a list, EVP has several features that will increase your conversion rates for whatever you are trying to accomplish. You can showcase your products through video and put clickable “Buy Now” buttons directly in the video themselves, so you can grab your viewers where their attention currently is and while they are hot.


evp split testingAre you primarily an affiliate marketer?
With EVP you can embed affiliate links in your videos and even redirect your visitors to the vendor’s site through your affiliate link. Perhaps the best and most profitable feature of all is the ability to embed active opt-in forms in your videos to collect leads. This will be sure to explode your lists.

Split Testing.
EVP allows you to split test different versions of your videos. It will track which ones convert best and automatically serve up the best performing ones. Set performance goals and let EVP automatically serve only your most effective videos.


It’s easy to use, and set up.
It is designed to work with so many other email marketing programs like paypal, constant contact, and wordpress.
Opt in forms are placed inside the video to help increase subscriptions, plus embedded buttons are inside the video as well.
It’s really easy to create a whole video web page too.
It comes fully compatible with ipad and iphone. This increases the viewing audience greatly!

What Does It Cost?
Easy Video Player has a one-time cost of $127. If the software was $127 per month it would still be extremely profitable so we find it way underpriced. We use this player to create all our marketing videos. There was no turning back once we started using this player, and it is highly unlikely we will switch to something else. We have seen our conversions increase significantly since using EVP.

You can also purchase a commercial license for an additional $77 which gives you video production rights for clients and removes the EVP branding logo from your videos. This is a quick way to earn your money back. Because video is becoming much more popular, the demand for video creation services will continue to skyrocket. With an EVP commercial license, you’ll be able to produce videos for clients that will surely blow away your competition, especially if they don’t use EVP, so the commercial license is a cost you could recoup in a day.

EVP comes with a 100% 30 day money back guarantee, so try it risk free today and you’ll discover how easily this service can increase your profits in a multitude of ways. Click here to visit the Easy Video Player site.

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Easy Video Player Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s an Easy Video Player tutorial video on how it all works.

Easy Video Player 2.0 Official Testimonial 1.

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