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What’s It For? Complete Email Marketing Solution

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Are You Looking For A Feature-Rich Autoresponder Service?
GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution for creating, sending and optimizing high-response email campaigns.  The service is flexible enough that it works well for both novice and experienced email marketers.  It has all the core components and functionality you need to run regular basic campaigns but also has plenty of advanced features like list segmentation, integrated split testing, video emails and survey creation to keep even the most creative marketers busy with new ways to profit.

Standard And Additional Features.
GetResponse has the standard features that most professional autoresponders have like newsletter templates, broadcast messaging, email sequencing and a web form builder. Additional features include:
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  • Spam checker
  • Performance analytics
  • Unlimited follow up messages
  • Social media integration

What Makes It Unique?
There are some nice extras that seem to be exclusive to the GetResponse service.  They have a library of over a thousand free iStock photos that you can use to create stunning newsletters.  You can create customized online surveys to gather vital marketing data.  GetResponse’s advanced segmentation allows you to group your subscribers by geography, email activity and by profile data collected from surveys and web forms.  This helps you create laser-targeted campaigns which lead to greater conversions.

Automatic Split Testing Functionality.
If you love to test different elements of your marketing campaigns to maximize your conversions, then you’ll love GetResponse’s automatic split testing functionality.  You can take a portion of your list and create different versions of your emails, perhaps testing different subjects, greetings, link placements and styles to see which emails get the most open rates and click thrus.  GetResponse will test each version for you, then automatically send the best performing email to the rest of your list.

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How Does It Improve An Email Campaign Performance?
GetResponse can help you improve the performance of your email campaigns with video email marketing.  You don’t need any additional software – just a webcam and microphone – and you can start recording right from within your GetResponse account.  Additionally you can upload videos you have already created such as product reviews and testimonials to share with your subscribers.


Does not require double opt-in confirmation for new subscribers to be added into the mailing list (meaning, you can add the subscribers into the mailing list and you can start sending him/her emails the minute he/she enters his/her email address in your opt-in page).
Has an integrated online survey capability, allowing you to create surveys and send it to your subscribers to get valuable information.
Can work together with DL Guard for automated email sign up after purchase.
Integrates with PayPal & 1ShoppingCart for sales data and subscribers info (so you can send emails to your customers).


When it comes to message broadcast, you are limited to broadcast to a maximum of 1,000 lists per day.

GetResponse Vs. Aweber, Which One Is The Better Option?
GetResponse, along with Aweber, is among the most popular autoresponder systems for internet marketers.  Usually it comes down to personal preference which one to go with.  If you love to use multimedia and are a stickler for testing your results, then GetResponse would be the better option.  We have used the video elements in GetResponse and have had a great reception to them for many of our marketing campaigns.

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What Does It Cost?
You can get started with GetResponse very inexpensively – less than $10 per month – and scale up from there. It’s not only affordable, it’s an effective and simple email marketing too!

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GetResponse Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a a GetResponse tutorial video on how it all works.

Ready To Get Started?
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