Name: Market Samurai
What’s It For? Market Research & Keyword Analysis

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Are You Looking For An Easy Way To Find Low-Competition Keywords To Dominate The Search Engines?
Let’s face it – any successful online marketing campaign boils down to two things – traffic and conversions. Unless you have a huge budget, you’ll have to rely on free traffic methods to get visitors to your sites. The ideal free traffic source is traffic from the search engines because it tends to convert the best, especially if you target the right keywords. If you end up attacking the wrong keywords (they may not have sufficient search volume, the resulting profits could be lousy or the competition too tough to break into the top rankings), the results could be devastating – months of wasted time and effort.

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Manual Research Takes Way Too Long.
You can find great keywords manually but it is excruciatingly painstaking and time-consuming. The first thing you should learn to automate is keyword research since chances are your campaign will never get off the ground using manual methods for research. The ideal keyword automation tool is Market Samurai because the software delves into these core components of a successful marketing campaign:

  • Demand (keyword search volume)
  • Competition (strength of sites that occupy the top search engine rankings)
  • Profitability (commercial value of keywords)

What Market Samurai Provides?
Market Samurai provides the daily search volume and recent trend data for the keywords in your niche, and this data comes from Google itself. This will show you how much demand your market has or if it’s an emerging niche, which could give you a head start over your competition.

With this tool you can see cost per click keyword values, which tells you how much you would have to pay for traffic in Google’s pay per click platform, as well as the value of the your traffic if you were to occupy the first position for that keyword. The higher values that exist here indicate there is sufficient commercial value in your market since advertisers are shelling out more money to advertise, which means there are profits to be had.

Market Samurai gives you a nice color coded grid of the top 10 search results so you can quickly analyze the competition with a glance. Important onpage and offpage SEO factors like domain age, PR, number of backlinks, and html tags are nicely laid out so you can see how tough the competition is and how much work it would take to get your own site ranked.

Be aware that the software won’t give your a profitable market on a silver platter. You will still have to have an idea of a basic market you want to pursue, but the program does give you the ability to enter a broad keyword and then drill down to find subniches that have more profit potential than the larger niches.

*Audio Interview* Want to find out more?
Listen to an interview I conducted with Eugene Ware (one of the guys behind Market Samurai) – click here for the Market Samurai audio interview review.


Provides real-time data (the numbers always reflect the latest figures from the data sources it pulls from)
Has a user friendly interface (clean layout, easy to learn)
Ability to set customized filters to return results that match your selected criteria
Constant updating and great support


Can be slow at times

Is It Worth It?
Marketers who are well-versed in SEO love it’s detailed competition analysis and customization functionality. It is good for newbies as well because the software uses color codes to display the difficulty levels of the various SEO factors involved (so for example if the competition grid shows a lot of green, then it is a “go” keyword – easy to rank).

We don’t enter new markets without using Market Samurai. For fast and accurate keyword research, this is the tool we recommend. It is well worth the cost considering the hours and hours this tool will save you.

How Much Does It Cost?
Market Samurai does cost $147, but it is a one time fee and not monthly. For the quality of support that the team provides and how much the software gets updated, I’m surprised they have not switched to a monthly format. Click here to visit the Market Samurai site.

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Market Samurai Tutorial.
Want to see what it looks like behind the scenes? Here’s a few videos on how Market Samurai works.

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